Aw, Shucks...

I was reading my Yahoo mail the other day and came across an email that really made my day.

"I just love your blog!"

Aw, shucks, thanks.

"I've been a lurker for months, and this is the first time writing to you."

Well, that's always nice to hear.

"Keep up the great work; I really enjoy the chuckles you provide."

Gosh, you're making me blush now.

Wow, what a nice surprise. Who the heck was this from, anyway? I look at the signature.

All the best, Maureen

Cool! Another Maureen! It's not like that name is popular.

at I'd Rather Be

Oh, crap.

I was reading my SENT folder, not my INBOX.


64 People would rather be commenting:

Procrastamom said...

To Maureen from your "in"box:

I love your blog and I think you're great and I've been reading for months and I probably haven't commented enough and I like your writing and your template and you.

Love, Not Maureen

A Man Among Mommies said...


An I thought I was becoming a bit loopy without sleep...

Doing a little lunchtime blog hopping while 7.5yo is at school, 3.5 yo, Baby and mom are napping... Shhhh....

Jen said...

I really do love your blog, and I'm not Maureen, either. ;-)

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Now that gave me a chuckle!!

Anonymous said...

OH! Funny!! I bet (even if you were alone in the house) that you looked around to make sure no one noticed that you did that.

Maureen said...

Procrastamom: Aw, thanks “Not Maureen”… :D You’re much too kind. I think I’m gonna print off your comment and keep it with me so when I feel down I can read it again to get a huge ego boost…

A man among mommies: I only WISH I could blame my idiotic behavior on lack of sleep or children, but I can’t. It just comes naturally…

Ladybanana: Easy for me, especially!

Jen of a 2eatwrite: Aw, shucks, thanks… ;)

Curly glamour girlie: Glad I can amuse others. I only embarrass myself and my daughter.

Busydad: How the heck did you KNOW??? You got a webcam on me or something? Yeah, I can’t believe I get more stupid with each passing year (or day, it seems).

I think the most embarrassing thing about this was that I didn’t even recognize my own letter to another blog owner… geez…

Ed & Jeanne said...

Well thank goodness you hadn't criticized the hell out it!!

Stephanie said...

Sometimes that happens to me, but its my inbox. Before I open it I always think "Ooh, a comment from someone named Stephanie!" Then I realize I was just responding to a comment on my own blog. Although the other day I got an email and it was from M.E., for some reason that kinda freaked me out.

Ann(ie) said...

HA! Totally something I'd do!!!

Irene said...

That's so cute, that you did that! It makes you even more adorable than you already are.

Unknown said...

Oh no! But that is pretty funny nonetheless. BTW - I adore your blog and think you're great! I can even email you my praise if you'd like!

Christine said...

I enjoy your blog, and check it every day. You've made me laugh. You've made me smile on a lousy day.

Christine (Rhymes with Maureen)

Heather said...


Well, if it helps your feelings, I read your blog everyday and always get a laugh out of your entries. So, keep up the good work! :)

Janet said...

Hey, a compliment is a compliment, regardless of the source.

Just say thank you and move on!! ;-)

I do love your blog, though!

♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...

To Maureen's /inbox/

I love your blog and I will be lurking as long as you will have me!

You make me giggle. [tee hee hee hee]


A-Licious xoxoxooxox

LunaNik said...

LMAO...that's too funny!! something I would totally do!

Rachel said...

that is a riot! I needed this laugh so bad and you provided it! Thank you a million times, thank you!

Hee Hee Hee! I would probably do the same thing :-) LOL.

Phoenix5 said...

That was funny! Of course we are laughing WITH you, not AT you, aren't we?

I, too, enjoy reading your blog. You have a very easy-to-read writing style, and obviously, a good sense of humour!

Have a happy weekend!

Maureen said...

VE: Oh, I would NEVER do that… EXCEPT to myself; then it would have been a dead giveaway!

Stephanie: Heh, heh… an email from “M.E.”… that’s funny!

Ann(ie): :D

Sweet Irene: Awwww, you’re such a wonderful person, Irene. I so enjoy your blog, so I am very touched by your comment. Thank you!

Huckdoll: I adore your blog too! No email praise necessary; my cup runneth over here… which wasn’t my intention when I wrote the post!

Christine: So sorry to hear you’ve had a lousy day. Here’s hoping it gets better; and I am so glad I could give you a chuckle!

Heather: Aw, thanks so much!

JP: This is true! I love your blog too (especially Feline Fridays!)

A-Licious: Thank you! And you can lurk as long as you want… or until I bore you to tears… ;)

Lunanik: Heh… I am so sorry to hear that!!! ;)

Rachel: Aw, thanks… glad I could put a smile on your face!

Phoenix5: Of course! Actually, I am very used to being laughed AT as well, so no matter… Thanks so much for your comments; I always wonder if I make ANY sense when I write. Have a great weekend too!

Jenn said...

That's classic! At least you know your comments were probably well received ;)

Amy said...

Oh hilarious!! Hey if you don't love yourself, who will ;)
I'm new to your blog but I love what I've read so far! And I think you're great!

Caffeine Court said...

I too love your blog-keep up the good work!

Blog hoppin'

The Pink Mojito

The Egel Nest said...

That really gave me a good chuckle...nothing like self admiration :)


The Egel Nest

Cupcake Blonde said...

I think that Maureen has it right, your blog is great! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! That sounds like something I would do!

Blog Hoppin'! Happy Friday!
"Margarita Mom"

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol!!!!! This is my fave post of yours ever! How hilarious!

Irene said...

There is an award for you over at my place.

Unknown said...

Soo funny, Maureen!
Well, I do love your blog. Heck, I even love your header. It's the coolest I've seen yet! I love the way the mouse sinks down the page.

All the best,
Not Maureen either
Doesn't even rhyme with Maureen
Definitely NOT Maureen

MarĂ­a said...


P.L. Frederick said...

Hee hee! Well, I love your blog. It's fun, friendly, self deprecating, light hearted, and a good read. Go go girl! And keep going.

P.L. Frederick (SMALL & big)

DJ Kirkby said...

Was so busy laughing that I forgot to tell you tha tyou got an honerable mention on this week's wordless Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

The same thing happens to me on valentines day

Karen MEG said...

ROFL... OMG Maureen, you are such a HOOT!!!
I'm so glad that I found you blog hoppin! I loves it, I really do :)

Bloghoppin' Hi from Pomtini

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Kinda like the old Mike Myers daily affirmation skit.

Blog hoppin!

Amy said...

i think this post was great!

i am just stopping by, as i read your comments on my sister's blog.

thanks for the laugh. i think i have done this more than once!

take care.

BookMamma said...

Cheers from the Weekend BlogHoppers!

I think more of us could benefit from some self-esteem lovin every now and then... it's good for the soul!

I hope to visit more often - and I DO love the blog!

Momisodes said...

ROFL!!!! Oh that was hilarious..I'm so sorry to laugh, but that sounds like something I'd do :)

I love your blog! And I really enjoy the chuckles you provide ;)

All the best,

aka Killer Tofu while blog hopping

Amy said...

That is too funny!

Blog Hopping

Anonymous said...


To Maureen:

This is my first visit, and I'm hooked. Keep up the good work!

Blog hoppin'

ShannanB said...

It's nice when you get feedback on your blog. I'd have to agree with the comments above!!

Weekend Blog Hopper,
Anastasia Beaverhousin

justme said...

he he he - that was funny

Maureen said...

Jenn: Well, this is true, I guess!

Amy: Aw, thanks so much…

Caffeine Court: Thank you Pink Mojito!

Bradley: Heh, heh… how true. Glad to make you smile.

Vegas Princess: Aw, your blog is great too VP!

Stacey: Happy Blog Hoppin’ to you too!

DJ: :D Thanks… glad I can amuse others with my stupidity.

Sweet Irene: Oh, thank you so much! I have already added it to my Bling page… you are too kind; I love your blog and think it’s Excellent too!

BMG: Aw, thanks… I think I enjoy doing the graphics almost as much as the writing on this thing…

Maria: 

PL: Thank you… I love your SMALL & big blog too. You come up with the coolest photos at your place…

DJ: Cool! I loved that pic, and all the captions were great!

Dan: Har! Sounds like a Charlie Brown thing…

Karen Meg: I love your blog too, and so happy to have found you through Blog Hopping too!

Virtual Varmint: Heh, heh… thanks!

Amy: Thank you! And thanks for hoppin’ by!

Bookmomma: Thanks so much… Cheers from me to, It always takes me all weekend to Blog Hop!

Sandy: That’s okay to laugh… I do too. Thanks so much!

Amy: (wow there are a LOT of Amy’s out there…) Thanks!

Fine As Wine: Aw, thanks Natalie.. love your moniker…

Mommy Bits: Yes, feedback IS nice. And the comments, well, overwheliming!

Feener: :D Merci.

Anonymous said...

haha! This is definitely something that would happen to me! :) But I do enjoy your blog.

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

I can't stop laughing at this. I guess it gives new e-meaning to "I didn't recognize my own handwriting"

Bradley's Mom said...

I love that!!!

So glad to know other people do CRAZY things like I do!!!

That is so funny!!!


Bruce Johnson said...

Ouch....we are all getting older aren't we.

Canadian flake said...

Well if it helps at all...I love your blog and I think you are awesome!!

Keep up the good work!!!!

Corey~living and loving said...

LOL that is just sooooooooo dang funny. great post!

Maureen said...

Amanda: :D Thank you!

Angie: Har! Love it.

Bradley’s Mom: Heh, heh… yeah, we’re not alone, it seems.

Lotus07: Older? Moi?

Canadian Flake: Aw, you’re too kind… Thanks.

Corey: Gosh. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

At least you know you have one fan, even if it is yourself. Very funny post, thanks, have a great day.

Shannon said...

So funny! Stopped by during my Blog-Hopping session and now will go read your Star Wars category archives. I'm a Star Wars fan, too.

Mandy said...

Hee hee! That is just the sort of silly thing I'd do! Not that I'm callng you silly of course! Congrats on the Blog of Note.

Andrea McKay said...

Too perfect! Who else could say it better than yourself?

Great blog here!


Maureen said...

Married Leos: Oh gosh, this is late, but thank you!

Shannon: Oooh another Star Wars geek, er fan! Cool!

Emm: Yes, I AM silly. And a lot worse things too... :) Thanks!

Thank you so much Andrea, and welcome!

K. B. said...

That made me laugh so hard I almost cried. So I put it on my blog and told everybody I know (which probably isn't that many people) to check out 'I'd Rather Be Blogging'!

Lol, and keep 'em coming! ^-^

WORLDCLASSken said...

wow, that made me laugh.

check out my blog about mixtape music, called Review of the Tapes....

Shanette said...

It is my first day viewing you post and I love it! Very funny.

Maureen said...

Aw, thank you KB! And welcome!

WorldClassKen: Thanks!

Thank you Shanette!

Jaime D Buckley said...

This is one of the best blogs I have ever read, and being a real stickler on looks---your blog is OUTSTANDING!

Looking forward to reading more while I'm supposed to be writing my novels...

V said...

I love your blog!!! I just found it and it's great? This is the first time I've ever commented and I already feel as if I haven't commented enough! I love your writing. By the way, how'd you get your template? It's great! I hear yah - I'm not married yet but I help with my sister's babies. Argh! She never has time to do ANYTHING. I'll definitely tell her about your site - she'll be your #1 fan! ;D
Oh, yeah, I thought I might mention that this is NOT Maureen. :D Just a regular female who adores your site!

Maureen said...

Aw, Jaime, thank you so much (blushes). Coming from a REAL writer, it is high praise indeed!

LOL V! I had to chuckle at that last line. You are too kind; thank you. It is incredible to receive such a wonderful compliment. All the best and Happy New Year!

Dalia (Generation X Mom) said...

Glad I found your blog! It's great! Will be back!

Maureen said...

Thank you Dalia, and welcome!

Let's Grow said...

aaww!! these kindaa incidents bring out the kids hidden in all of us! loved ur post

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