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So..... what have YOU been up to lately?

Oh me? Well let's see. Since I last wrote, I have been uber-busy. Yesiree... busy, busy, busy.

* Ahem *

Okay, perhaps busy with a titch of lazy.

Or, a tad busy with a more-than-admittable (okay, I know that is not a word) amount of  laziness.

For anyone who cares, here's a rundown of July, August and the first half of September that seemed to rip past without me seeming to notice:


- Just updated blog! Hooray! Now I don't have to feel guilty any more. Going to update more now. Definitely.

- Hmmmm.... those weeds in the backyard are getting big. Must pull them one day. Yep. Definitely. One. Of. These. Days. Alright....

- I really should update the blog again. It's been a week after all.

- First I'll update my Ewokcels.com website, THEN I'll blog. Definitely fun to geek out with Star Wars again.


- Got to update blog soon.... well, when I can find the TIME, that is. Got to give the house a good cleaning first. Definitely got to do that soon.

- Ooh! More cels came! Update today -- um, the Ewok site, not the blog. Must get back to that again soon. AND visit blogs again. I miss the antics of  Daisy and Harley, Tinsel and Lily, Babs and Mo, Swubird and all my online buddies listed on my Friends page.

- Oh joy! Something exciting is finally happening that I can blog about! I have to move all my craft crap supplies down to the basement so daughter can have her old bedroom back. I shall take lots of pictures and moan and bitch about what a chore this will be! Definitely entertaining stuff.

- Yes! Daughter and I are on vacay to Minneapolis again! I even have my laptop with me so I can post awesome photos and tell amazing stories of our adventures! Definitely will find the time to do that!


- Where the heck did summer go? Well, at least my weeds are waning. The house is "clean enough". My craftroom is back in order - mostly. I have to catch up on my online friends again. Definitely got to cyber-travel, THEN update my blog.

- Holy crap! It's been months since I've last blogged.

Have to do that again sometime soon.


8 People would rather be commenting:

Heather said...

Woman, you sound like ME! My blog has definitely been suffering for a while now...I think of things to say but have no desire to put them into writing. I really want to get back on track though! Really! LOL

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

really? You'd rather clean your house then blog?? Think it is time you change the name of the blog then :)

Maureen said...

Heather: I am so sorry to hear that you can relate ;) The first step is always the hardest.

Connie: Oh I never would rather be doing anything else. Problem is, I haven't done ANYTHING it seems... my house is never clean. But I blame that on the 3 cats, 1 dog, and 1 husband. ;)

Babs-beetle said...

Well, it's about bloomin' time!

Lots of blogs have been pretty quiet through the summer. You are not alone (as they say). As the words of that song say "Get back on it" ;)

Thanks for the mention too!

Jaffer said...

I saw you last went the snow was on the ground.

(Looking around)

Ok I should rephrase that.

Daisy said...

We were wondering what you've been up to lately!

Maureen said...

:) Of course Babs! I luvs your blog. Off to visit YOU now too! Been too long.

Snow in July Jaffer??? Not even in Winter- er, Winnipeg!

Daisy! Yeah, bad moi. I perused your blog yesterday to catch up but now I have time to return and actually leave a few comments! I don't know how you do it...

Maureen said...

Thanks Jo-Jo!

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