It's Official ... We Are Now My Parents

I had a sneaking suspicion it would happen sooner or later, but today I realised it without a doubt it's true.

Hubby and I have become my parents.

I retired last summer so being home most of the time isn't much of a change during these strange times. What HAS changed is the fact that hubby, like many others, has been off work for weeks.

Oh sure, we have had a few days where we've finally accomplished tasks that have been waiting way too long but to be honest, most days consist of waking up, eating meals and watching TV / YouTube.

But today I baked cookies

while hubby worked on a jigsaw puzzle.

It should be noted that my parents are 93 and 92. They've been married for over 71 years and reside at a lovely senior home, spending a lot of their time doing jigsaw puzzles.

It's a bit of a shock to realise you've turned into your parents.

But damn, these cookies ARE delicious.

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