I Forgive You

Each Spring, I eagerly anticipate the traditional trips to the local garden store to stock up on all my flower and veggie plants. I carefully choose (okay, maybe not THAT carefully - I usually scoop up whatever pretty thing catches my eye) plants that will survive both the full sun (we have very little NO shade in our back yard) and the voracious appetite of our local family of wild rabbits.

Amongst the dozens of annuals and herbs I adopt, I always snag some bright orange and yellow Marigolds; listed at the garden store to be "Rabbit - Resistant".

Obviously MY rabbits can't read.... and obviously I can't remember.

My rabbits LOVE Marigolds.

So it's not surprising that mere days after planting, I have a wonderful, neat row of Marigold stems to adore and admire whilst relaxing on the deck. Sans flowers and most of the foliage, that is.


But I forgive the cute bunnies; they're cheap (er, the plants, not the rabbits, that is) and with a simple move of the planter to higher ground they'll grow back.

After all, the poor rabbits have been enduring weather that's been Hell On Earth as we fry in temperatures like this lately:

That's right; with the humidity, it was 117 F (47 C) out there Tuesday. After watering all my charges which were now almost as wet as I was (covered in sweat within nanoseconds), I could barely breathe before dashing back inside to stand, arms extended,  in front of the air conditioner on full blast in a vain attempt to cool down.

Holy Freaking Heck.

So I not only forgive them their mischievous snacking, I put out some bowls of water along with their seeds and berry mix at the entrance of their home under our deck.

It's not like they can reach the bird bath that's been THE popular spot with our feathered friends this week; because if they figured out how to get up there, ALL my flowers and herbs would be doomed for sure.

And that would be a tad harder to forgive.

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