I've been told by more than one person that my new office looks more like a home... they don't realise how true that is; not only do I have a zoo at my house, I have extended my pet ownership to work. I have a 5 gallon aquarium on my bookshelf:

And a beta on my desk:

Coral the Beta fish
Bringing them in and setting them up was an experience I don't want to repeat.
Of course I HAD to choose one of the coldest days this winter to bring in the beta. It was a stat holiday that I had to come in for a few hours, but luckily everyone else was away. "Perfect!" I thought.

I carefully drive to work, a triple-bagged fish keeping warm inside my winter coat. Getting out of the car when I arrive, I feel a cool breeze shoot up the inside of my wrap. Thinking it's just winter's frosty bite, I continue to walk across the street to my building, waddling and holding my "belly" like an expectant mom.

I soon realise that something's wrong. Once inside the warm building I am brave enough to open my coat to reveal my entire front soaked in fish water.

Yup. Three bags... all leaking. Geez.

"Well, at least no one is around to see my embarrasing state" I think.



At work.

In their offices... on call.

One asks me to come over. I hide my "accident" with a file folder strategically placed in front of my crotch.

And spend the rest of the day hiding in my office until I dry off.

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