Patience Is A Virtue

Some days it just pays to keep your mouth shut.

And your hand off the car horn.

Take today, for example. Like any other weekday, I drove up to the parkade at work, behind a lady who was obviously having some difficulty using her automated gate opener to work. She waved it around in attempt to gain entry.

"No problem", I think, "sometimes it just takes the scanner a bit to respond."

I wait patiently.

However, the fellow behind me in line obviously lacked such a trait. Even though it only took a few seconds for the lady to get the gate to raise, he whipped his Lexus around my van, sped up to the gate, squealed past and cut me off, squeezing in behind said lady and me.

"Okay", I thought, "what a jerk. He got a whole car ahead; what an accomplishment". He proceeded to SIGNAL at every turn inside the parkade.

"Geez", I shook my head, "what a loser." I was so tempted to honk him, or worse.

On the third floor he finally parked and as I slowly passed to give him a dirty look, I realized my patience had saved me.

That "jerk" was my boss.

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Maureen said...

Jill said...
:-0 :-0 :-0 So did he know it was you?!?

13/6/07 22:20

Maureen said...

I don't think so. Like a chicken I parked on the other side of the parkade and stayed in my van until he walked out to the elevator...

"Cluck, cluck!!!"

13/6/07 22:38

Maureen said...

Ingrid said...
I just found your blog through 2peas and I'm lovin' the dry humor! Thanks for sharing!

13/6/07 23:45

Maureen said...

Lara said...
Hee hee...I think people's true colors show while in the car.

His sure did. And so did yours. :)

14/6/07 00:01

Maureen said...

j said...
Love it! Great story! :-)

14/6/07 12:27

Maureen said...

CircesMagic said...
This is the most hysterical thing I heard in awhile....thanks for sharing and yes! sometimes it pays to just let it go.

14/6/07 17:43

Maureen said...

Stephanie said...
Wow! Way to have patience!

14/6/07 18:34

Maureen said...

Jill said...
:-0 Oh no, I'd have been a chicken too I'm afraid. :-)

15/6/07 15:53

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