96 Degrees of Separation

January 12th... I blogged that it was -48 Celcius with the windchill (that's -54 F for those metrically-challenged folk) that day.

Ah, it seems like so long ago.

Now that I am sitting here sweating.

With two fans pointed at me for at least a bit of a relieving breeze.

Because yesterday we hit +48 Celcius with the humidex... (or 118 F)

A swing of 96 degrees Celcius in 6 months.

Not exactly most people's idea of Canada, is it?

Damn "Global Warming" melted my igloo!

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senovia said...

WOW! You have quite the climate issues! I thought we were bad here in the Anchorage area- between -20 and 80. You definitely have it worse than we do!

Janet said...

Good grief! That's a bigger swing than in Iowa! (We'll go from -30 F with wind chill to +110 F with heat index). Do you ever wonder why we live where there are such dramatic temperature swings? I sure do! jp

rubberdubber said...

Here in the UK it's midsummer too and we have our own little climate bubble. While most of Europe sizzles it's rained (hard) virtually every day for at least six weeks. Several towns are under water. Stupid lousy rotten climate change! lol.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm off to have a look around your new home.

Jill said...

Yike!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have air conditioning? My parents live in Vermont & they never did, but I think they might have a window thing for the bedroom now or something.

Maureen said...

Senovia: Yeah, Winnipeg actually compares to Siberia in the winter... amazing.

JP: Swings to the extreme indeed... which is why our streets literally buckle.

Sam: Welcome and thanks! I enjoy reading your blog.

Jill: All we have is a window one too... even though our temps are extreme, they don't last long thank goodness. Poor hubby suffers the most; he works in a steel factory with NO A/C...

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