It Has Come To My Attention...

...that I ROCK!

Wooo! Thank you to a new bloggin' buddy, Vegas Princess, who chose me an' my ol' blog with this awesome award! Her blog is wonderfully written about life in Las Vegas; from "Fun in the Convertible" (one of my favorite posts) to her experiences at the Emmy Awards (that's right, I said "Emmy"....uh huh!)

But I wonder; how does someone like me "Rock"? I don't think I've EVER been told I "Rock" before.



I'm wrong.

My teenage daughter once told me. Yeah, I remember now.

She wanted money. Or clothes. She definitely was buttering me up for something -- and we WERE at the mall...

Anyway, when I think of rockin' girls, this sprang to mind:

Then this popped in to swiftly take it's place. An older girl woman amongst rocks - yeah, that's me:

Ah, whatever! What's important is that I have had the extreme pleasure to read the experiences of so many other wonderful female bloggers. Even though it was tough to choose, here are five *I* think "Rock" and are therefore deserving of this award as well. Congrats to you all!

1) Jill @ Twipply Skwood: With a wry sense of humor that I can relate to, Jill keeps me laughing at life's ups and downs. NOT your average Sunday School teacher...

2) Funny Thing @ Toxic Soup: FT is a Brit blogger I stumbled upon when I first began this hobby. Her unique style and outlook on life is, in fact a Funny Thing indeed!

3) Mz Jackson @ Coffee with Ms Jackson: A fairly new bloggin' buddy, MJ also shares a common style and I can totally relate to situations she blogs about. Case in point: I LOVE her post "13 Signs You Have A Teenagers In The House".

4) PI Fredricks @ Small and Big: Her posts are great examples of her skill as an excellent writer. Witty and intelligent, PI's posts are a treat to read.

5) Melissa @ Strawberry Fields Forever: An inspiration and friend in my scrapbooking circle, Melissa blogs about a wide variety of topics, and always has a scrumptious recipe or two to share!

Thank you Vegas Princess for this high royal honour and the opportunity to pass it on to even more deserving female bloggers!

7 People would rather be commenting:

Maureen said...

Debbi said...
Congrats on the ROCKIN award. You deserve it. I love your blog.

5/7/07 08:14

Maureen said...

Jill said...
Awwww THANKS Maureen! Your blog is one of my favorites too! So I put on the button & choose 5, is that how it works?

5/7/07 09:56

Maureen said...

You're very welcome, Jill...yes, that's the plan, apparently!

And thanks Debbi!

5/7/07 11:02

Maureen said...

P.L. Frederick said...

This is the first time I've been told I rock—either in the blogosphere or in the lifeosphere. So I'd like to take a moment to thank some nifty women: dear Maureen at Stale Coffee, who inspires others each and every day and who adds an artistic "M" to the bottom of each of her postings and I might steal the idea; my mother, who borned me; my manager, should I ever get one... (orchestra pit plays loudly) ...AND TO... (microphone cuts off)

P.L. Frederick (waving kisses)
Small and Big

5/7/07 11:26

Maureen said...

LOL!!! PL you kill me!

5/7/07 12:35

Maureen said...

melissa said...
you definitely are one rockin blogger and I am so honored that you listed me :) thank you

12/7/07 04:48

Maureen said...

Vegas Princess said...
I am so behind in my commenting (sorry!) I am just seeing this now. Thank you so much for that warm recognition and I stand true to my do indeed rock!

15/7/07 23:29

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