Kitty Metamucil

Now, I can understand if a cat would unroll the toilet paper simply for amusement sake. I mean, once they get that thing going, I can imagine it would be quite fun watching it all spill to the ground in a heap.

I could even picture a cat grabbing the paper at the end and racing around, pulling it off the roll, TP'ing the house.

But this?

I have no idea what possesses Dakotah to do this.

Kleenex, paper napkins or toilet paper; she has this strange attraction to them all. I have to turn our tissue boxes upside down or she'll pull them all out.

And EAT them.

Perhaps she's trying to tell me, in her mischeivious cat-like way, that she has a lack of fibre in her diet...

Well, even so, this is NOT something I want unexpected holes in.

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Heather said...

LOL!!! That is too funny! I love never know wha they're going to do. Our boxer, Duchess, eats TP (and napkins and paper towels) when given the opportunity too. Strange pets!

email said...

Our cat does that too!! Must be a cat thing.

Colleen said...

Too funny! Like my niece, but she eats the TP and anything else paper!

clhenry99 said... looks all too familier! lol

toners said...

We have a puppy who does the exact same thing...any kind of toilet paper, kitchen paper, kleenex - it all gets shredded!

P.L. Frederick said...

Swiss cheese toilet paper.

P.L. Frederick
Small and Big

Janet said...

Yep, Lily eats TP every day. Dryer sheets, carpet, name it. I just don't get it.

Hey, check out my blog today! :-) Hope the reporter got all the facts right!

Maureen said...

JP: LOVE your post! (I should have spent more time on that logo; I just made it quickly to give you a giggle...) Love the way you "reported" the story!!!

Cupcake Blonde said...

My cats do the exact same thing...they have a thing for paper. Any paper, especially magazines, but toilet paper will do too.

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