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I can't believe I forgot.

Forgot to relate the best story of all in my previous post about our neighbors finally moving away.

Didn't read it yet? That's okay.... go ahead and click on the link. I'll wait.


La de dah, de dah....

Oh.... back already? All caught up now? Great.

On to my story.

It occurred a few years ago, but I still chuckle about it to this day.

As I mentioned in that post, the community mailbox for our block is situated on the boulevard in front of the aforementioned soon-to-be ex-neighbor's house. Which meant that during my daily excursions to pick up our bills, I would usually find someone from their family in their front yard, dodging traffic in the street or on this particular day, busy on their driveway....

Sidewalk Chalk
Two of their boys were engrossed in creating great works of art with colored chalk at the end of their drive, near the street. Of course, in order to get to said mailbox, I had to step carefully over their creations.

"How cute" I thought, as I tiptoed around the colorful pieces.

Until I realized just WHAT the youngest was drawing.


A lot of penises.

A veritable plethora of penises.

A rainbow of colored penises.

Seeing my mouth drop at the display, the older of the boys finally took a look at what his little sibling was doing. Jumping up quickly and ignoring me, he ran into his house yelling:

"Mom! He's doing it..... AGAIN!!!!"

I abandoned the mail in the postbox and scurried back home, leaving the proud artist alone among his creations.

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Heather said...



Darcey said...

You won't miss them:)

Cupcake Blonde said...

Oh my...I admit the first thing that popped into my head was does he know already?

Sofia said...

LMAO!!! :0

Lynn said...

Ohhh my! I guess this little artist won't be missed to much.

Rachael said...

LOL What a sight!!

Unknown said...

Excellent. After these posts I'm going to go hug my neighbors. And I'm going to thank them for not drawing penises in sidewalk chalk near my mailbox.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

You know, here in NY I'm sure someone would pay beaucoup bucks for those rainbow penises.

At least they weren't specifically someone's penis.

Irene said...

Well, were you really that shocked? They were in rainbow colors after all! That's more colorful than I have ever seen any of them. I wonder where the inspiration came from, though. Now that would concern me a little bit!

Debbi said...

OMG.....That is flippin hillarious. Thanks for the laugh this morning. I needed it.

Jill said...

Oh oh oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must have had his SISTER in my class! Except she also drew boobies! Penises on Columbus for Columbus day and boobies on the mermaid swimming beneath the ship in the water!

Ann(ie) said...

I was grabbing my friends mail the other day and feeding her cat whiles she's out of town and on her mailbox etched ever so carefully is 'suck my balls you cocksuckers'



Neighbors. Can't live with em. Can't kill em.

P.L. Frederick said...

Hee hee! Perhaps some day his work will mature into an Elbow phase.

P.L. Frederick
SMALL & big

Cipriano said...

I loved these vignettes, Maureen.
How are the new neighbors?
Has the rain washed away the chalk penises yet?
-- Cip

Janet said...

Good grief! Could we get some psycho-analysis here??? LOL!

Maureen said...

LOL!!! Thanks all.. yeah, Cip, the artwork is gone, thank goodness, but the new neighbors have yet to appear... perhaps on the first of the month. Fingers crossed they are nicer (ie. less wierd) than the old ones!!!

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