Seven Weird Things About Me

I was tagged by Darcy to post seven weird things about myself.

Seven? Hmmmm. This could be difficult, as I'm definitely NOT weird. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

1) I mean, is is weird that I collect the color comics from our city newspaper every week? Just because I have years of them without missing one and they are all stored in chronological order, that doesn't make me strange. Sure, my #1 priority on Saturdays is to ensure I get a newspaper; but I don't read anything in it except the comics. On more than one occassion, when hubby or daughter pick up the paper for me, they hide the comics and pretend it was missing... simply for the entertainment value of watching me wig out. So that's not weird, it provides those rascals with laughter and joy at my expense.

Star Wars Stars and Me2) Is it strange that I've been kissed by a Droid, a Stormtrooper, a Tusken Raider, an Imperial Officer, an Admiral of the Empire and Darth Maul? No, not the nerds who dress up as these characters; now THAT would be weird. I mean the actors from the Star Wars movies. I've met many more, but these are the ones that have given me something that most Star Wars geeks don't get, since 99% of them are guys... so just 'cuz I was a female nerd, that didn't / doesn't make me weird.

3) I started to collect rocks from places I visited a few years ago: I have "land" from San Diego, L.A., Skywalker Ranch near San Francisco, Vancouver and Quebec so far. Sure, Airport Security may wonder why I pack rocks in my suitcase, but THAT'S not exactly weird either. Really.

Just Say No To Lima Beans4) I HATE, detest, abhor and generally loathe the Lima Bean. I KNOW that's not really weird, but perhaps some people might consider my picking them out of a five-bean salad as slightly demented. My mom tried her best to get me to eat them when I was small, but I couldn't... I wouldn't! My aversion to them continues to this day. *shiver*

They are vile.

'Nuff said. Not weird.

Ted Neeley and Me5) Is it weird to admit that Jesus flirted with me and then proceeded to give me a long bear hug while he whispered sweet nothings in my ear? Okay, not the Jesus, but Ted Neeley who played him in the movies and on stage since the early 70's. I fell in love with him on the big screen when I was 13 watching Jesus Christ Superstar for the first time. Having a crush on Jesus just seemed only blasphemous, but not weird.

6) I LOVE cranberries. Not weird in itself, but at Thanksgiving and Christmas, is it really that weird that I purposely make four times the amount we need for dinner just so I can eat them on toast, in drinks, or in muffins days later? Heck I love cranberries on anything. Errrr.... on anything but lima beans, that is. So that's definitely NOT weird.

7) I can't think of anything else that may be misconstrued as being weird. I mean, just because I was once asked for my autograph after a talk I did at a Star Wars convention, I was honored.

Okay, honestly?


I felt WEIRD.

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NH Yocal said...

No, you are definitely not weird, except well, maybe about the comics thing. That is a little strange but there is nothing wrong with a little daily humor!

Colleen said...

I always love your posts because they seem to be able to put a smile on my face! And as my dad says, "Being normal wouldn't be any fun now, would it?!".

Amie Adams said...

I had no idea you were that into Star Wars. I need to read more carefully.

Oh, and lima beans? Totally agree.

Lynn said...

Awesome post as always Maureen! You bring a smile to my face every time.

I have to agree with you on the Lima Beans. I'm not a fan of anything that is green myself. I guess that could be weird.

I really didn't know that you were so into Star War's. That is great!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Princess of the Universe said...

I think we have a lot in common Maureen- specifically: Star Wars & cranberries. ;)

toners said...

No, not much wierdness there...okay, the comic thing did have me LOL :) Thanks for sharing such a fun list!

About Scotland - we've been living here in the U.S. since right after our wedding in 1993; we go back about once every 18 months or so - gotta keep those grandparents happy :) It's a beautiful place to visit and I actually appreciate it more now than I did when I lived there! And the accent has stuck with me too...

mr zig said...

the comics thing.. that might be a little weird, but in a fascinating way... so its a good kind of weird - you know?

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Nah....I'd say in the grand scheme of things you're perfectly normal.

Janet said...

I'm so bogged down lately that I'm way behind in reading blogs. This is a great list, Maureen! Now you and I differ in that I LOVE lima beans. I also love cranberries. While I don't collect comics, I can totally relate to your desire to have a complete, orderly collection! Now you've got me beat in that I have never been kissed by anyone from Star Wars or Jesus, for that matter. I actually do have a rock collection, and a sand collection, too. I collect jars of sand from all the beaches we've visited. So are not weird, but if you are, you're in good company!! :-)

Jill said...

Cranberries are DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd pick lima beans out of a salad if I hated them!!!

I only read the comics too! I don't collect them though, except on my computer & only the ones I like. I'm against collections in general though, except for my small foreign instrument collection & my signed book collection.

Anonymous said...

Those are hilarious! The Jesus one cracked me up.

Cupcake Blonde said...

I think you sound normal since reading these made me think of how weird I am with all my quirks.

Canadian flake said...

hmmmmmm the cartoon thing sounds a little more "pack ratish" than weird...but was a very funny list. Thanks for sharing.

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