Kristmas Kitty

Stressing out over Christmas?

Having trouble getting everything on your To-Do list completed?

In these final days of preparation, you just may need "Kristmas Kitty" ™ ©. "Kristmas Kitty" can assist you in more ways than you thought possible to guarantee a holiday to remember.

Christmas CardsWrapping GiftsFrom supervising the preparation of homemade seasonal cards to assisting with mountains of wrapping duties, "Kristmas Kitty" will lend a paw to ensure it gets done, and done right.


Even your holiday baking will be scrutinized for quality control by the most finicky of tastebuds.

No small detail will be overlooked.

Ornament selection"Kristmas Kitty" will also use her keen eye to select the finest holiday decor for their shiny pounce-ability.

With feline precision, she will point out the best location (from her unique perspective inside the tree) to hang your most prized possesions within easy reach so they soon can be skidding and skipping all over your tile floor.

Tree trimming
So do yourself a favor and get your own "Kristmas Kitty" ™ © today for a holiday you won't soon forget!

14 People would rather be commenting:

Christine said...

Aside from peeing in the tree, our cats don't seem to care about the holidays.

Actually, we've even found a way to get them to stop doing THAT.

But man, do I miss our Siamese cats. Those were cats with some Presence.

Kathy said...

I have several Kristmas Kitties. And they all get in my way when I'm trying to wrap presents. This year, I'll smarten up and do it in a locked room!
Kathy at The Junk Drawer

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Wow, your kitty sure earns her keep, doesn't she?? Maybe you can rent her out!

Canadian flake said...

awwwww what a purdyyyyyyy kitty...and so helpful to..Mine just lays around and gets in the way a lot...but we love her anyway..lmao.

Cupcake Blonde said...

I made the mistake of getting two Kristmas Kitties and they are almost too helpful. Yesterday I had to interfere when they insisted on opening all the presents I wrapped and doing them again because I had not gotten the corners exactly right.

Maureen said...

Christine: Thank goodness we don't have THAT problem with our cats...yes, Ragdolls are like Siamese without the attitude.

Kathy: Sounds like a good plan. Unfortunately, I never have enough room unless I take over the dining room table, so my only option would be locking up the cats...

CGG: Sounds like a great idea!!

CF: I think I would prefer the laying around cat to one who leaps from branch to branch in the tree... count your blessings!!!

VP: LOL! Yes, they don't call them finicky for nothing! I do hope you got the corners right the second time....

OhTheJoys said...

Got to get one!!

toners said...

We must shop at the same place! I have one of those too! :)

Stacey said...


Er, where can I find on of those ?

Maureen said...

Oh The Joys: I don't know what I did before I had cats... oh, yeah, I remember; I got everything done on time.

Toners: Yeah, I am sure you can relate!

Worker Mommy: They are everywhere; but be warned... they tend to stick around after the holidays and work their fuzzy way into your heart.

Janet said...

Got me one myself!! :-) GREAT photos, Maureen! Your kitty is hard-working AND adorable! Janet

Jill said...

I have one Kristmas Kitty and one scaredy cat! VERY cute pictures! :-) Love the cookie sniffing one!

Ann(ie) said...

She is very cute. I love the one of her in the tree. My cat does two things all day long.



sits on her ass

Can your Kristmas Kitty come over and teach her a thing or two?

NH Yocal said...

How adorable. I used to have cats and have wanted to get one again. Now seeing that they have Kristmas Kitties that can really help out; I think I could finally convince my hubby!

Great post!

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