I Took A Day Off For This?

Ah Fridays! The only thing better than a Friday is a Friday-Off-Work.

Yup, vacation days are the best! Er.... at least I THOUGHT it would be.

Until I discovered the four resident furballs here had other plans:

CaseyFurball #1: AKA Casey The Damn Dog:

Within a few minutes of greeting the snowy morning, she decides it's the perfect time to get sick; on the rug under the living room coffee table of course... not on the tile kitchen floor mere feet away.

Gag. I get out the paper towels and cleansers and drop to my knees.

TawneeFurball # 2: AKA Tawnee The Maniac Ragdoll:

After feeding the three cats (and the now-famished dog), I put on the kettle and load up the Starbucks coffee press for some much-needed caffeine.

Instead of waking up properly to the aroma of freshly-brewed Kenyan, I am startled coherant by the multiple and progressively louder "crashes" emanating from the basement. Descending the stairs to investigate, Tawnee The Perpetrator dashes past me upstairs, tail pouffed out in fright like a Swiffer brush. As in true feline fashion, she had been climbing and toppled a pile of boxes.

Great. Another job on my To Do List today.

DakotahFurball # 3: AKA Dakotah the UnLucky Black Cat:

Not to be outdone by the dog, Dakotah decides to get into the act.

As I pour milk into my yummy brekkie of cornflakes, strawberries and bananas, I cringe at the unmistakenable sound every pet owner knows only too well... that repetitive horking, a premonition of trouble soon on its way.

And right on cue she gets sick; and no, NOT on the easy-to-clean tile kitchen floor.

Of course not! She regurgitates all over my favorite comfy recliner where I had just started up my laptop so I could eat, put up my feet and do some surfing.

I again get out the paper towels and cleansers.

While my cereal turns to mush.

ShebaFurball # 4: AKA Sheba the Moocher Feline:

I swap the soaking seat cushion with one from another chair, get fresh cereal and pour a huge mug of steaming coffee. Carefully placing the mug on a cloth placemat on the coffeetable, I finally partake of my cereal in my chair by the window. Sheba resumes her usual spot, perched on the armrest patiently waiting to lick the bowl clean when I am done.

After she finishes polishing off the remaining milk, she jumps to the table to investigate my coffee... and promptly gets her claw hooked on the placemat.

Panicking, she shakes the mat violently in a vain attempt to loosen her velcro grip. Failing that, she leaps from the table, mat still hooked to claw, tossing my full mug of coffee and splattering its contents all over the table, rug, remote control and me.

And as I once again get out the paper towels, cleansers and begin my fourth cleanup job of the morning, I wonder why the hell I took a day off work in the first place.

Oh, yeah. I remember. I was going to relax at home today.

How silly of me to forget.

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Karen MEG said...

Ahhhhhhh!!!! Murphy's law.
Hope you got SOME R & R today!

Swubird said...


Ah yes, the troubles of raising pets. I know them well. As a person who loves animals I can identify with everyone of your woes.

I remember way beck when my daughter got a little land turtle - $100! Why I gave in I'll never know. I guess I'm just a soft touch for my daughter. But in the last 17 years that little turtle has cost me hundreds of dollars in veterinary fees. The poor little thing has had every turtle disease you can imagine. The same goes for our birds, and Trixie the cat. Trixie has had laser surgery twice to the tune of nearly eight hundred bucks. I'm going broke. Help me Obama!

And besides all the animal sick calls, we've also had our share of clean up duty when they throw up on the carpet and the kitchen tile. Trixie likes to heave right in front of the washing machine in the garage, so we have to always be careful to turn on the light and watch out step. Otherwise, you know what will happen.

Oh the The woes of animal parenthood! But don't you just love the little critters?

Happy trails.

Babs (Beetle) said...

Oh I laughed all the way through that post! It was just another day in any home that has animals - particularly cats! Ha ha ha! Sorry - not funny at the time :O)

Anonymous said...

Animals never vomit on cleanable surfaces if they can possibly help it. I think it's a law they have, or something.

My elderly Jack, who sometimes throws up in response to his medication, usually chooses either the lounge carpet, or one of the dog beds. If the latter, he'll scrabble at it till he's lifted the cushion a little, just so he can throw up underneath it.

I've taken to keeping a flexible plastic mat by my chair in the lounge so that if I see him about to honk something up, I can leap up and stick it underneath his nose. Sometimes it even works! LOL!

AshPup said...

Oh jeeze, that sounds not fun at all. In the lab once I've broken/spilled two things in one day I just go home, because chances are I'm only going to put myself weeks behind if I stay to "work" any longer. Too bad you *were* home already- maybe that was a sign that you should just go into work to relax!

Maureen said...

KarenMeg: Well after that "eventful" morning, the rest of the day was better... had to. It couldn't have gotten worse!

Swubird: Ha! Yes, I do love the little furballs. We animal lovers understand and are a compassionate lot, I think. You sound a lot like me; when daughter wants a new pet, I have a hard time saying no too. But when they're sick, it's always me on clean-up duty.

Babs: I wasn't laughing at the time, but on reflection, how can you not laugh? It was a comedy of errors, all happening one right after another! I couldn't have made it up if I tried.

Jay: Ha! You are absolutely right! I don't think I've ever been able to pick up a sick animal and deposit them on a tile floor in time... your solution sounds like the best option... I just may have to try it!

Ashley: I WAS tempted to go into work! But then I just cringed at the thought of what may have greeted me when I did venture home again.... ewwwww.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Can you watch my 12 cats this weekend???

Ha haaaaa!!!!

Hi from SpeedyCat :-)

Kathy said...

OMG! You are cursed, woman! If I were you, I'd lock myself in the bedroom tonight and keep the furry ones out. Of course, you might open the door to a pile of unsightly things in the morning, but at least you'll have had your peace.

@Swubird -- I don't know why the image of a turtle going to the vet had me laughing so hard. I'm sorry. Been a long day.

Maureen said...

SpeedyCat: Hi and Welcome! 12 cats???? Oh, please God, let the torture STOP!!!! I think I am running out of paper towels! (and my sanity).

Kathy: Cursed? Dontcha know it. Serves me right for trying for another long weekend.

As for Swubird's turtle... it must have been a very looongggg vet appointment indeed.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Murphy's law states: when you are late and running around in your socks, that is when the cat will vomit. Not in an out of the way area, but usually right in the line of traffic. Often right in a doorway.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Good Lord that is an impossible morning. It was tolerable until you lost the coffe. That's just wrong!

Keith Lodge said...

OMG sorry but reading this post made me giggle. Pets just know how to ruin a day huh.

Peggy Sez.. said...

Chain Reaction Disasters...Coming to a city near you!!

I'm sorry did MY Friday spill over the border?

MYM said...

OMG! What are you feeding these poor souls? LOL

MYM said...

I have something for you on my blog today. :)

Technodoll said...

ROTFLMAO!! omg... and they say kids are for people who can't have pets, eh? Riiight :-D

Anonymous said...

May I know what breed is the fourth cat? It looks super adorable.

DJ Kirkby said...

MG, this was too funny! Our cats never barf anywhere easy to clean either.

Maureen said...

Fancy Schmancy: Been there, done that! There's nothing like hopping down the hallway on one foot to go change your socks...

Ed: I KNOW! Good thing I had a whole carafe to myself. That cat would have been in big trouble if I didn't get any coffee.

Keith and Jo: Absolutely. But then again, most mornings, they are adorable...

Peggy Sez: Oh noes! You had a bad day too? Maybe the calendar was wrong and it was REALLY Friday the 13th, not the 14th.

Drowsey: Well, the dog hadn't even been fed yet! And the cat? Well, she has a delicate stomach, so I have to buy the expensive vetrinary cat food (of course), which I have to feed to all THREE cats, because there is no such thing as having separate food for each one... it's working nicely, dontcha think? ;) Oh, and thank you so much!!! You are way too sweet. I shall be posting it on my Bling page today!

Technodoll: I think pets are a god practice for kids. Once you can stomach picking up poop and puke, you're all set.

Anon: Sheba is simply a gray tabby. She does have a beautiful coloring and perfect pattern though. A very pretty cat! (and she knows it).

DJ: More proof that cats rule the world. Or at least our homes.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Proof that no matter plan you have, you must plan for your pets because they are going to find some way to mess it up for you.

I love how you selected your "mugshots." Each one got more guilty looking than the last.

Heather said...

Oh no! Furballs...gotta love 'em! :)

Maureen said...

Vegas Princess: As a cat owner, I know you can relate! Yeah, I WAS going to edit their mugshots with bars or serial numbers underneath...

Heather: That's why I don't get mad, 'cause I do love 'em.

Lady Banana: Yes, they are fine. I hope Mabel has more consideration for your furniture and rugs!

Bruce Johnson said...

Think how boring life would be without our pets......boring and peaceful.

Jill said...

Oh man I HATE soggy cereal!

It's funny - we had a similar Friday last week. I took the afternoon off expecting to relax & spend time with my son. Well I ended up spending the entire afternoon stuck in traffic and making my son late for his camp bus.

I was all - "I took an afternoon off to be stuck in traffic?!?!?!?!?" But at least I had the time w/my son, even if it was in my car. Stuck in traffic. Headed in the wrong direction because I forgot where we were going. And late.

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