If you've been here for awhile, you may recall I was so excited to finally be testing contacts so I can throw away my old glasses.

But finding the proper combination to fix my weird eyes has been a trial.

No, scratch that.

It has been a headache. Literally.

My first set to try was for astigmatism. Cool. I could see far away.

But I couldn't read. Which I kinda want to do.

Once in awhile.

So the optometrist suggested I use reading glasses over the contacts.

WTF? I was trying NOT to wear glasses.... hello?

So I tried them out. But then I had to take them off everytime I wanted to watch TV. On again if I wanted to read my laptop screen.






Back to the eye doctor. He then suggested one contact for reading in one eye, and an astigmatism lens in the other eye.

I could see far. Cool!

I could read. Bonus!

But I couldn't see in-between... not my watch, or those little ATM screens at the store (luckily, I have used those SO much, I can do it blindfolded).

Crap again. I do believe it would be nice to see stuff without it having to be an inch from my face like Mr. Magoo.

So then he increased the strength of the reading lens.

Better, but the headaches soon set in. I couldn't focus, no matter how long I tried to get used to them.

Then I just tried wearing two reading lenses at work.

Ooh! I could see my work! But nothing beyond my desktop.

Crap. Crap. Crap!!!

So now I have gone back to wearing my old glasses. I guess I may have to admit defeat and resign myself to the fact that I need a stronger pair of progressives.

But I'm sure my optometrist is sick of me by now, but I need to get back there and order them.

Especially after I accidentally did this:


21 People would rather be commenting:

Irene said...

It sounds like you and I have the same problem with the astigmatism and the need for reading glasses. I have resigned myself to the fact that reading glasses will always be a part of my life and that it's off with one pair and on with the other. Luckily, my regular glasses work for the computer, but I can't read a book with them. I haven't thought yet about contacts, I am not quite ready for them. I am chicken.

Cupcake Blonde said...

What a headache...literally. I have had a similar struggle to find the perfect pair of contacts. Unfortunately I usually end up wearing my glasses all the time even though I only need them for driving and seeing far away. But it is just too much of a pain to take them off and on all the time. Ia m sure I am ruining my sight even more by keeping them on. But I do take them off to read. Most of the time.

MYM said...

LOL - omg. I can empathize. I remember way back in my 20s there was a guy I worked with and he had 3 pairs of glasses! And he was always switching them. Finally one day I asked him and he needed one for close up, one for distance and one for in between and he didn't like tri-focls, LOL.

He had that switching thing down to a fine art! Like a Ninja!

Kathy said...

I hear ya, sister. I gave up on my contact lenses. Now I wear my glasses all the time and take them off when I need to read up close. I see your crap and raise you a dammit.

Babs (Beetle) said...

Well you know, glasses are a fashion statement now. With the 'Buy one pair, get one free' people are getting them to match their outfits.

Besides, knowing your luck, you're just as likely to drop a contact down the loo or something. At least with glasses, you can see them to fish them out!

Bruce Johnson said...

I think you next step might be to get a White Cane to carry around with you.

Maureen said...

The Finely Tuned Woman: Yes, it does sound like we have the same sight issues... but contacts were EASY to use. I just wish I could use them!

Vegas Princess: I still have my old glasses (I popped the lens back in), but I have to get them upgraded. They are about 10 year old now!

Drowsey: Hah! Ninja Glasses Guy! I probably would poke my eye out with all that changing. What the heck am I saying "probably"?? I DEFINITELY would poke my eye out. Repeatedly.

Kathy: Har! So I am not the only weird eyed freak??? Glad to hear it. ;)

Babs: LOL!!!! Yes, I COULD see (ha! "see") myself dropping them in "the loo" (love that). Yes, you know me TOO well.

Bruce: OMG.... Don't SAY that!!! Hahahahaha!!! But it may just come to that...

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhh hon I can see that happening to me in the future.

At the moment I wear contacts as I'm short sighted. I love my lenses. I love seeing a world without frames, (don't hate me), but, my mum and dad both wear reading glasses, and my mum has bi-focals so I know what's coming in about 20 or so years time. Sighhh.

Unknown said...

Goodness gravies! I have a little astigmatism, but I've always had better luck with contacts than glasses for whatever reason. I imagine that's going to change eventually since I think everyone ends up needing reading glasses at some point.

Seems like it would be BOUND to give you headaches!!! Unless you had one of those pirate patches you could slide from one eye to the other.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I'm with you on the glasses thing too. And technically, I should be wearing trifocals because of the exact same vision gap you suffer from, but I have my pride - and bifocals are as far as I'll go.

Anonymous said...

Hey that is fixable. My 10 year old managed to break his in half at the bridge. To make it even worse they were the flex frames that aren't supposted to break. Leave it to a kid to figure out how to break them

Swubird said...


Our daughters went through this same routine. It took a while, but they finally solved all of the problems. So, hang in there. Before long you'll find just the right combination.

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Been there and done that. Every time I broke up with a fellow and was back on the singles market I felt that I needed to toss my glasses only to remember how awful my experiences with contacts were. I have extreme astigmatism in one eye and it was just too uncomfortable to deal with.

Claire from

Christmas Menus, Parenting and Environmental Issues

Anonymous said...

I've never done anything "accidentally" like that either to glasses or anything else. Ask my wife. :)

Hey, if I don't see you before the holidays, have a happy pair of them: Christmas and New Year's, Maureen.

JoJo said...

You are a champ for trying though. You get snaps for that.

BTW, you REALLY need to check out comedian Brian Regan's routine about going to the eye doc. They show his stand up specials on "comedy central" a lot. I have to apologize to my eye doc b/f each visit for giggling like an idiot during my exam. I can't not think of it. I tried to find it on You Tube but it's not on there. :(

Ed & Jeanne said...

Stevie Wonder is laughing at you right now...

Hey, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I'll see you on the other side...

toners said...

Wow, you have staying power to deal with all that :)

Happy holidays to you and your family, Maureen! Thank you for making me smile throughout the year!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya!

My eyes are crap these days. Astigmatism, shortsighted, photosensitive ... and I've had several vitreous detachments which leave you with huge floaters. It's like looking through pond water some days. *Sigh*

I can't wear contacts either. Here's my solution:

One pair photochromic (transition) lenses which are also graduated (not trifocal, but the same kind of thing, just no divisions of focal areas), and ultra thin to save the weight and the 'bottle bottom' effect.

One pair of graduated prescrption sunglasses - because the photochromics don't go dark enough for really bright days.

One pair of plain lens reading glasses

Plus, I keep a pair with an old prescription for using on the computer (when I remember) because it's the right strength for that distance and saves the need for tilting to get the right lens area in use.

Feel better now? ROFL!

Maureen said...

Jo: Yes, I have worn glasses for many years now; but I really wanted the freedom of wearing contacts. (And I would NEVER hate you!) ;)

Jaredvgo: I do wish The Pirate Look would come into style...

Jeff: Yeah, I have progressives; so they are technically trifocals. I feel old.

Audi: I did manage to pop the lens back in. I never realized fishing line is what held them on! (Doh!)

Lady Banana: Maybe someone will invent a computer screen with a layer of adjusting lens for those of us who need glasses just for surfing... could be worth millions!
(well, maybe not).

Swubird: I've waited so long to get the contacts working, I'll need to go back to the doc for a new glasses prescription! Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!

Claire: Yikes! I think once I get my new glasses, I won't be trying contacts again. Which sucks.

Unfinished Rambler: Ha! Have a great "pair" too! All the best in 09!

JoJo: Oooh! I shall look! Thanks!

VE: And hope you and yours had a great Christmas too. Yay! I finally have time to get back to blogging and commenting again!!!!

Toners: Happy Holidays to you too! And aw, thanks for all your help and inspiration too!

Jay: Holy Crap! Yes, now I feel better. Thank you!!!!

Janet said...

Maureen, Maureen, Maureen -- My DH is an optometrist and I have no doubt he could help you! I know how frustrating it is to not be able to see! He tells me it has something to do with our age, but of course I do not believe him! lol

Maureen said...

Janet: Just another reason I need to come visit you.... yes, I definitely need your hubby's help!!!!

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