Two Scoops

Raisin BranOn Monday I decided a light brekkie was in order. After a gluttonous weekend of oh so sinful thick-sliced bacon with fried eggs Saturday and French toast slathered with butter pecan syrup on Sunday, a healthy bowl of cereal was just what my clogging arteries were crying out for.

But when I opened the nearly full box of Raisin Bran that's been sitting in the pantry for some time, I swiftly came to the conclusion it had gone stale. Er, I guess it's been a tad more than "Some Time" since I bought it. More like somewhere between "Pretty Gosh-Darned Long Time" and "The Beginning of Time" I would surmise.


But then I discovered another box hiding in there, still sealed (obviously we like our Raisin Bran; either that, or it was a two-for-one sale, which is far more likely).

Woot! This one was still fresh - well, freshER.

But how the heck could I justify throwing away a nearly whole box of Raisin Bran? I know! I could save the raisins, obviously THE MOST important part of the whole mix. I mean, without the raisins, it would just be called "Bran". Ick.

So I poured the cereal out on my kitchen counter, picked out the still-edible raisins and threw away the stale flakes.

Oh yes I did.

But then that gave me pause to wonder... what the heck is "Two Scoops" exactly? How does one measure a "scoop"? Because what I extracted certainly fell short compared to the photo on the box:

Two Scoops?Then again, once I added them to my freshER box of Raisin Bran, it probably came close.

Good thing I was on vacation. I had and the house to myself and the time for these momentous discoveries that would otherwise go er, un-momentously un-discovered.

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JD at I Do Things said...

Forget your clogged arteries---I am crying out for those delicious-sounding weekend breakfasts!

I hate raisins with a passion. But your cereal experience is very similar to mine, only with Lucky Charms.

That's a pretty sad excuse for a "scoop," I must say.

JennyMac said...

LOL...this is funny. While I love raisens I do not love them in anything..cookies, bread, and especially cereal.

Heather said...

I can just picture you standing over that pile of cereal on your counter, picking out each raisin. LOL!! Thanks for sharing! OH, and I agree - those must be awfully small "scoops"!

Daisy said...

Yep, your cereal box is definitely one scoop short!

ReformingGeek said...

I think you need to send Kellogg's a link to this blog post.

Please make me some French Toast!

Anonymous said...

So most people think that's a weird thing to do? Well, I pick the raisins out of Raisin Bran (or anything else containing raisins) and eat them separately too.

And another thing: when I was a kid, I loved Alphabits cereal. Every morning, my ritual was to spell out my name before I ate the rest of the bowlful. I ate my name last, savouring every letter.

Is that weird too?

JoJo said...

Why didn't you throw the stale flakes out for the birds?

As to their blatant lies about 2 scoops of raisins (define "scoop"), most packaging photos are lies. Like the wonderful "carrot cake mini cupcakes w/ the cream cheese frosting" that oozes from the center. Photo on the package looks mouthwatering. What's actually inside are the size of a quarter, with a teeny smear of some white substance in the middle.

JC said...

Perhaps 1 Canadian scoop = 2 American scoops??

That's right, our scoops are bigger!!! Mwuahahahahahaha!

MYM said...

That's a very interesting little experiment you did there. Perhaps an email to the company is in order - with accompanying photos.

Perhaps it's a metaphorical scoop.

Maureen said...

JD: Oh yes! I remember now; glad to hear I am not the only one to pick things out of cereal. You hate raisins; I hate marshmallows (at least in my cereal). We really need to meet and offset each other...

JennyMac: Ha! Well, the cereal ones ARE covered in sugar....

Heather: Yeah. Thank the gods my daughter wasn't home to witness it. She would have made the ultimate in eye rolls for sure.

Lady Banana: I like cereal at work, but at home I never have time on weekdays, and the weekends are "family breakfast times" so I usually go all out. And I concur about the photoshopping. Must be it.

Daisy, you are right! And they look a LOT more plump in the photo too!

Reforming Geek: Come on by and I'll make you some. I just bought that butter-pecan syrup at Albertvile when we were in the US. It is soooooo good - not sickly sweet, but smooth. With pecan chunks floating in it. Okay, I am drooling now.

Ahahaha Pinklea! Yes, I would always try to spell my name but when you have a long one, it's hard. Same trouble I had with alphabet soup. There is no way there was a full alphabet in there.

Jo-Jo: Oh, my birds don't get stale cereal. We feed them properly. Those and the bunnies. No wonder my yard is a haven for wildlife. I keep them well fed. Seriously.

JC you are right! Metric scoops must be larger than Imperial scoops. Doh!

A Metaphorical Scoop! Har Drowsey! Perhaps Kellogg's will read about all this when I publish yet ANOTHER article in the Hoity-Toity Scientific Journal™....

Louise said...

I never thought there were two scoops in a box. But yes, they were worth saving--every sugary one of them!

Maggie May said...

I think there is a wide margin of safety on these sell by dates!
It seems a terrible waste to throw out good food.
Maybe you could have made some cakes or flapjacks out of it :-)

Kevin said...

I'd be careful as to what you say. The Kellogg Corporation has spies everywhere...

Momo Fali said...

I have some Meuslix that needs separated. I'll send it right over.

From the Old InkWell said...

Hi Maureen, BTW, I've left you a well-deserved award. Stop by when you get a chance. :)

Janet said...

They ARE stingy on the raisins! I actually e-mailed a cereal manufacturer once (diff. brand) about this very issue! I wANT MY RAISINS!!!

Maureen said...

Louise: You betcha! At least I saved the most expensive part of the cereal... ;)

Ah, Maggie May, if I had made something out of those stale flakes, I would never hear the end of it! I'll just have to make raisin bran muffins from the new box!

Kevin: Oh, oh.... hmmmm you don't work for them do you? I'd hate to have Tony the Tiger come by and snuff me to keep me quiet.

Ahahaha Momo! Send it my way. I still have every Monday as a holiday day, so I have the time...
what exactly is the part you want saved??? ;)

Aw, Marsha, you are too kind! Thank you! I shall pop by to pick it up and place it on my Bling page this weekend! Awesome!

Janet: Ha! Did you actually get a response??? I wonder if Kellogg's ever Googles their own name to see what people are writing about them??? Oh crap, I'll bet Tony IS coming to do me in.

Jill said...

I wonder if you could sue for that? Like the guy on Famous Amos cookies who had the giant spinning cookie on his finger when the cookies are really bite sized?

Actually, raisins are high in pesticides. You might be better off buying organic and putting in your own. :-)

Maureen said...

Jill: Ick... really? Crap, you can't even trust Kellogg's anymore.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Okay this is totally something I would do myself. :)

Maureen said...

Hee Hee... Vegas Princess, it IS scary how alike we are, no??? Well, scary for YOU that is... ;)

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