Up On the Roof

Now that I've implanted The Drifters into your head, I can tell you my story.

It's the story of a woman.

A woman to truly hates, with every fibre of her being, to nag.

But every year at this time, she found herself nagging.

"When are you going to put up the Christmas lights?" she would ask her hubby.

Then a week would pass without a response, and she would nag again.

"Are you going to put up the Christmas lights yet?"

Another week would pass as the neighbors colourfully lit up the street, but her home sadly remained a lone black hole.

Nag. Nag. Nag.

Well no more. This year she did it. She marched to Canadian Tire, purchased six sets of 25 light Cool White LEDs, six sets of white plastic clip thingys and while hubby was at work Saturday, screwed up her courage and went

Up On The Roof

Yep she did it!

At first she was nervous; but she pulled herself off the top of the ladder and onto the garage roof; scootching safely around on her butt, clamping the lights onto the eaves, trying her best not to look down.

And then it happened. She told herself "if others can do it, so can I".

So she stood up and walked around, fearless... it was wonderful! It was invigorating! As the unseasonably warm wind whipped her hair about, she even stopped to watch hundreds of geese in flight from her perch in the sky.

She was suddenly a pro... clamp, clamp, clamp. Twist the cord, lay them flat, encircle the chimmney. Up the ladder, down the ladder. Stomp around the roof, sidestep the goose poop, over the peak, down the other side.

Yes, I even brought my camera up with meWhat a fantastic feeling of accomplishment. Now she'll never have to nag again.

Well, at least about the Christmas lights that is.

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JoJo said...

If I pay for your flight, will you come here and do mine? lol

Good job Maureen!!! But do tell, what did hubby say when he got home and saw that you'd done it?

From the Old InkWell said...

Good job, but you do realize you will have to do this EVERY year now, don't you???

VioletSky said...

and the lit up message on the roof says: I did it myself.

ReformingGeek said...

Yep. You're a sucker but I bet they look nice.

I want white lights all lined up nice and straight. How are you on two-story houses?


Margaret said...

Hell most of the time you just have to do it yourself to get things done

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

You are brave, I would not go up on the roof! Good job. Hope your husband will take them down when the time comes--the weather probably won't be so warm then.

Staci said...

Congrats. I always put mine up with these clips that you can use a paint stick with so I don't have to do the ladders. Plus, I only do the bottom floor. I would have to have a really long pole to reach the top floor or the guts to do what you did. I'll admit that I have neither. I've made it 33 years without breaking a bone. I'd like to make it to 34 doing the same.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I hate nagging too! So things just don't get done unless I do them myself. Actually I hate doing things too, so really things just don't get done.

Sistertex said...

Way cool! I used to walk around on the roof because some of our bedroom windows are over the garage. So I'd go climb out there to clean window. I did it until one day I was attacked by a some sort of hornet. I quickly climbed back in the window (as opposed to jumping off, which occured to me at the time while trying to get away from the hornet) ;) and it was then I found out I was allergic to stings of that nature.

I haven't been on the roof a whole lot since then.

But I do think you are brave and as long as you do it when the weather is decent! We have had a very nice November here...but there are times when we are putting up the lights and it is just so awful outside. Ugh, not fun at all then.

Congrats on your new found freedom, I'm betting your husband is *so* jealous that he doesn't get to do it this year... (not). :)

Tara R. said...

You may have stumbled on excellent seasonal work. I would pay to have someone else put up our lights too. But I live in the south, no need to actually take them down until, oh... Labor Day?

Ed said...

Well, I got my lights up but the gutters still need cleaning. Care to take a crack at them?

Babs-beetle said...

Oh my! That is brave. I won't even go past the fourth step on a ladder!

Left to me our house would only have lights INSIDE!

JC said...

Ha! You see, who needs a man to get things done?? Useless, lazy creatures the lot of em'. Wait a second! What am I saying?!?? I gotta go rethink this comment. Ugh.

Debbie said...

Good job, overcoming fears and doing the work yourself! Are you going to post of photo of the finished product?

Maureen said...

Jo-Jo: I was surprised at hubby; he was quite impressed... and told me what I already knew; that I did a better job than he does!

Yep! Girl Power Daisy!!!

Marsha: Oh yes, I will always do it now, but that's because now I WANT to; now that I know I CAN.

VioletSky: Ahahahaha! Oh how I wish I would have thought of that!!!

Reforming Geek: Two stories are another story (ha!) altogether. As it is, ours is a raised bungalow so it is higher than a regular one story.

You got that right, Margaret...

Karen: Well, if we're like our neighbors last year, they will come down in about June. Not kidding (about the neighbors, that is. I call them the Griswold's; they have every blow up, light up tacky decoration their tiny front yard can hold).

Ha Staci! Yes, I always wanted one of those poles to do our Blue Spruce in the front yard when it got too tall to reach by ladder years ago. I loved lighting that tree up!

LOL Perpetual Chocoholic! Yes, I fear I am that way most of the time too. But you are right; if you want to get something done, and done right, it's just simpler to do it yourself.

Sistertex! Yikes about the hornet! I don't blame you at all! But yes, hubby I am sure, is all broken up that there is yet another job I don't have to depend upon him for. But then again I can't complain, he made me a wonderful dinner when he got home from work of home made French Onion Soup and Cesar salad. So our husband / wife roles aren't exactly usual are they?

Tara: Ha! Actually I have seen signs of people advertising to put up lights, so yes, it is a booming business I am sure. But I didn't want to pay someone to do something I can still do myself. Maybe when I am older ;) Oh and never say "stumble" to someone walking on roofs....

Ed: Funny you should mention gutters. Ours are surprisingly clean too! (Probably because this is a newer suburb without a lot of huge trees.

Babs: I used to be that way too; but I am the one who paints indoors too, so I have gotten used to ladders. At least there is no wind inside to blow you off it though.

JC: You got that right... Ha!

Debbie: I may, once I finish the bushes and put out the deer....

Anonymous said...

Maureen: welcome to the world of "Women Who Put Up Their Own Christmas Lights (and live to tell the story)™". We're a growing community and we're pleased to you've screwed up your courage enough (and got tired enough of nagging the man in your life) to join us. We have a lot of fun at our gatherings and we always have cookies .. and vodka for those who are still shaking from being up on the roof.

Bruce Johnson said...

I am going to forward this blog onto my wife....she REALLY needs to read it.

Cupcake Blonde said...

You are amazing! Between your high wire act on your roof and my culinary adventures this is the week for us to do things out of our comfort zones. Go us! :)

Janet said...

Who is this brave woman? She has inspired me! Ask her if I should attempt a two-story installation!

jay said...

If it were left to me, our house would remain a black hole! Uh ... wait ... our house always IS a black hole! LOL!

Well done. I'm seriously impressed with your roof scooching bravery! But you know what you've done, don't you? Now your husband realises he only has to hold out long enough and he'll never have to lift a finger to do anything!

Tut tut tut ...

Swubird said...


I guess the moral of this story is nothing ventured nothing gained. Of course, we know it could have had a much different ending, but that's where the strong sense of accomplishment comes in.

Unfortunately, I won't be blogging for while because Blogger has a problem and I can't access Edit. Therefore, I can't post. If you hear anything useful, please let me know.

As always, happy trails.

Kevin said...

You could leave them up year round, and "repurpose" them for other holidays.

"Yes, where I come from, it is tradition to put up Easter Lights. Also tradition to put up Halloween lights."

Just make sure no one knows where you are really from.

JD at I Do Things said...


You are my hero!

Seriously, I can barely work up the courage to stand on a chair to put our indoor X-mas lights in our archway.

Congratulations. I bet you feel great. (And I bet your husband feels even greater!)

Jill said...

Oooh and she got a nice picture too! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I think that Jeff staples his lights to 1x2 strips, then hits 2 end screws, and the lights get up or down. Later you tack the strips to the bottom of the garage ceiling with 2 screws, until next year. Bill

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