Obviously I Don't Share Well

Years ago I made a shrewd purchase. I masterfully avoided serious conflicts in the home by purchasing daughter her very own computer; ensuring we would never have to resort to fisticuffs over share mine.

Then awhile back, hubby reluctantly tiptoed into the 21st century and wanted to learn how to use a computer too.

That didn't work out so well even though I had set up my old desktop for him to practice on.

Because I obviously didn't want him playing on MINE, did I????

Ha! Never!

Yes, I must admit I AM selfish when it comes to my own laptop. I like to be able to turn it on when I want, walk away when I want and have it there exactly the way I left it when I return. I can carry it into my craftroom or relax in the livingroom with hubby while he channel surfs on the TV.

But it's mine. All to myself. My very own. Mineminemine.

Well, sometimes.

I wonder where I can buy a cat-sized laptop...

And yes, I AM wearing my comfy polar bear pjs. I have matching slippers too. Just be thankful I don't have a webcam and vlog.

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JoJo said...

You know you are in the 21st century when your computers outnumber your televisions.....

We have a computer upstairs, and we each have our own laptops. So that's 3. Only 2 TVs though.

Love your jammies....where'd you get em?

Margaret said...

Your kitty's are so cute!!!!!! I just got my own mac book and I am super excited that I wont have to share it with anyone because like you I hate sharing my things!

Daisy said...

Sharing is hard.

Babs-beetle said...

Share a computer?!?! NEVER, NOT NOHOW! I gave my old Mac to Mo so she can tinker about on it - and any other visitor who finds that they suddenly need to go on-line for something. They all know that my iMac is NOT available, except to Sukie when she wants to follow the pointer around my screen. My Macbook Pro is hidden away from view too ;)

Tara R. said...

I don't play well with others either. Computers though are different, like sharing food, every one for themselves.

Heather said...

When you find the kitty-sized laptop, be sure and share where you got it, because I'm in the same boat!

JD at I Do Things said...

That looks familiar!

Except I usually only have one sturdy cat fighting for lap space.

Dave asked me once to show him how my laptop worked. I declined.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

We have 3 computers for 6 people. It doesn't work so well and when it doesn't it isn't pretty;-)

ReformingGeek said...

I LOVE having my own laptop!

Your kitties are adorable. Mine is much too big to fit in front of my laptop like that.

Anonymous said...

I had a friend whose cat used to lounge all over her newspaper as she read it. I would assume that this cat, if it's still alive, would now lounge all over her laptop as she read it. Cats are pretty savvy about media and technology, it seems to me.

Bruce Johnson said...

They are called Netbooks.....or, if you have the bucks, and Android Phone. (basically a cat sized computer).

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

I love the jammies.

I too have an uncontrollable possessiveness over my cherished laptop. I think it's totally normal.

And yes, they do make cat-sized puters. They must.

Irene said...

I don't allow my cats that close to my keyboard. I don't like the uncalled for surprises I get.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hah! I'm with you on this one. We've all got our own here plus I have a Samsung notebook. Addicted much?

Swubird said...


I certainly share you selfishness when it comes to your personal computer. I have a stepdaughter who lives in San Francisco and, whenever her and her husband come to visit, they think nothing of picking up my computer and doing whatever they wish to do with it. They don't ask. They just do. It drives me crazy, bonkers and I am beside myself as to how to manage this frustrating situation.

So one day I was reading a computer book---I know---if all else fails, read the directions. Well anyway, the book said that I could set up personal accounts with passwords. Of course, I would know everybody's password. That's a good thing. I'm excited about this idea, but what do you think? Would I be committing the ultimate insult? After all, they are family.

Happy trails.

Unknown said...

To have my own would be like having a million dollars. I have three, but also have wonderful dial up, so there are four of us on one computer, and that is not even a laptop. I am so poor.

Kristy said...

I have to have my own computer. In fact I have 2...a desktop and laptop. Well then there's also the old Mac that I use on occasion. Does that make three. I then sometimes let my hubby use my desktop only because his is not setup in that we are in the process of moving. It may seem selfish but I like all my computers all to myself...even when I'm not using them. ;)

Cupcake Blonde said...

This picture made me smile so big and I really needed that today. So thank you! My kitties have been extra lovey since I have not been around for over a week and I needed that too. :) I am curious about what you are doing that has them so intrigued though.

jay said...

Oh, I feel exactly the same - fortunately, so does OH! We each have our own laptop and have done for years. Can't imagine trying to share, not now. I think it might come to divorce! LOL!

nonamedufus said...

I know just where you're coming from. My wife and I used to share my new PC laptop. I finally broke down and bought her a Mac Book Pro for her birthday. She raved about it so much I bought one for myself - bigger screen of course. I gave the PC to my son. He's thrilled. Everybody's happy. Well, almost. I'm still paying for 3 computers!

Janet said...

lol I don't have a laptop and cannot tell you how often I have to peer around a plump kitty to see my screen! The best place to sit is directly in front of me! lol

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Aw, you seem to be sharing very nicely with your cute kitties there. Those polar bear PJs look pretty comfy--I have some flannel cat PJs.

We only have one PC but my husband doesn't go on it much so it is working.

Maureen said...

Jo-Jo: Yeah, we used to have more TVs too... now there is one upstairs and one downstairs (which is barely ever turned on). Thanks! Jammies are from La Senza (a Canadian arm of Victoria's Secret up here in Canada).

Margaret: Aw, thanks. They are cute, but they DEMAND attention when it's not on them. I would LOVE a Mac Book! Colour me jealous!

Daisy: It is hard; I know you are a great kitty because you share with Harley which must be hard sometimes.

Babs-Beetle: Lucky Mo! One day I would love to move to a Mac!

Tara R: Ha! Very well put!

Will do Heather! Unfortunately my kitties don't share well either, so I will need to find three!

Ahahaha JD! I tried to decline hubby too, but he kept insisting. So then I set everything up for him, only to have him interested for a few hours. He promptly went back to the TV...

Perpetual Chocoholic: Ooooh three for six is NOT good odds. Especially if there are teens in the mix. I applaud your sharing abilities!

Reforming Geek: That is only two of the three cats; you should see when ALL of them are trying to squeeze in on my lap -- yes, it happens! And then the dog climbs on my legs....

Pinklea: I think you are right. They are savvy alright. They can even type with their paws as they walk across my keyboard. Sure, I can't read it, but I am positive it is some secret cat messenging code...

Note to self: Don't let the cats watch the Android commercials. Thanks Bruce!

Lady Banana: Oh yes, Mabel is so cute she gets the run of them all, right? ;)

Mary @ Holy Mackerel: Thanks! They are comfy. Especially now that the temps have dipped near minus 40 c! Ouch!

Oh yes, Green Stone Woman: I always shoo them off when I am typing something important. I would hate to have to explain some wierd typos -- "really, my CAT typed that!" Yeah, sure!

Ah we are all addicted DJ!

Swubird: I don't think they should be insulted at all! That is a great idea to set profiles up; you have private stuff you don't want anyone seeing... I think it's rude of them not to even ASK! Good luck!

Ettarose: Been there, done that. I was in heaven when I bought my laptop. Now I bring it everywhere.

Kristy: To be honest, I still have two; my old desktop I barely ever even turn on now. So yes, I told hubby he can use that one, but since he doesn't I guess I have two still to myself too!

Thanks VP: I am glad it brought a smile to your face during this tough time. I can't really remember WHAT the heck I was watching that had them so intrigued; I know they love CAT TV (cattv.com), but I don't think that was it that day.

Ha Jay! And then WHO would get it in the settlement???? No, having your own laptop is definitely a recipe for a good marriage ;)

Nonamedufus: Ha! Lucky wife and son! But at least they are much cheaper than years ago; now if only Macs would come down in price, I would get one of those too!

Har Janet! Yes, when I worked on the desktop, the cats would simply lay on the desk in front of the monitor. Now they literally have to sit on ME to see!

Karen: Yes, spouses that don't compete for computer time are happier... my hubby controls the TV remote; I control the internets. Mwahahahaha!

Chriss said...

At least they sit on your lap while trying to type. My mini dog likes to try and lay down on my hands while I'm typing. People think I'm a horrible speller.

Maureen said...

Ahahahaha Chriss! Yeah, sure, blame the dog... ;)

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