Whatever smartass proclaimed that the highest amount of caloric over indulgence occurs during the Holiday Season was wrong.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

It's the eating AFTER the Holidays that is the hazard.

Or Post Holiday Eating Disorder (PHED) as I have decided to call it. I can since I could be the only one afflicted. Then again, I highly doubt it. But I'll wager you never had a name for it before.

Well now you do.

You're welcome.

How did I make this monumental discovery? Well you see, blithely believing and simultaneously fearing the dreaded Holiday Overindulgence, I carefully controlled my portions at the many Christmas and New Year's dining experiences I attended.

I also limited the amount of scrumptious cookies and other festive baking I inhaled sampled.

I watched that I didn't get too Egg Noggy at brunchtimes.

I kept my plate from spilling over the edges on the 25th; dessert and all.

I didn't even finish my delicious meal at the local restaurant hubby and I patroned at the end of December.

Nope. That wasn't a problem at all. I survived the Holiday Season uscathed and un-heavier. Hurrah and Hallelujah!

The problem is NOW.

Now I have all these delectable gifts to devour. Oh don't get me wrong. I LOVE chocolate and sweets. Love them dearly and love getting them as gifts.

It's just that for some reason, I am NOT doing a good job at resisting temptation anymore. I am battled out.

Candy Candy CandyHow is it that I can avoid piling my plate at Christmas dinner, but I can't ignore a small piece of dark chocolate sweetly calling my name?

I'll just have a FEW chocolate covered cranberries....

Ooooh. English Allsorts. Yummy.

See's Famous Old Time Candies from California??? Awesome! Don't mind if I do!

After Eights? Okee dokee, even though it's only four pm.

Well, perhaps just two Brandy Beans. Nom. Nom.

I am seriously PHED Up. I need help. Take it away! No, don't take it! Hide it! Help me eat it!

Anything to keep me from violently waling on my poor defenseless bathroom scale.

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Richard said...

All those snacks would be awesome! Maybe I shouldn't have read your post, because now I'm hungry!

Anonymous said...

I think the real problem comes from getting used to having a little bit of sugar almost everyday. The Christmas candy is gone here, and yet I crave it. Yup it's a serious sugar addiction. If I can make it cold turkey through this month, I might just make it.
(But I wouldn't mind some See's.)

Natascha De Marco said...

U are so right, I think many people suffer from PHED.

Niki said...

Totally agreed. I weighed myself on Dec. 27th and I was down about 8 pounds from 3 months ago. I am almost positive I put 10 back on since the New Years.

MahoneyMusings said...

This is crazy. I wrote this exact blogpost in my head yesterday as I was standing at my kitchen counter looking at the mountain of chocolate sitting there...calling out to me....just wanting to be eaten.

You are so correct!

feefifoto said...

My philosophy is that once I finish eating it'll be gone and I won't have to deal with it any more.

AshPup said...

I recognize those See's candies... I'm sorry they are so tempting! But I so know what you mean, I actually am planning to sit down and just eat as much as I can in one go, hopefully making myself a little sick so I don't want any more holiday treats, and then I can accept my PH-gains and get to work on stabilizing. Ha!

Vinita Apte said...

my mouth started watering :)

Many people will break New year resolution of losing weight after reading your post.

ReformingGeek said...

Yep. I touched on that in my post.

Good Luck!

Ceramix said...

And you didn't even mention the Terry's Chocolate Orange!?! Gotta love those.

Brenda Grolle said...

Hide all but one box. Out of sight, out of mind. It might work. Just don't hide it TOO well. You wouldn't want to find it YEARS later. LOL!

Lately Lisa said...

I feel your pain....there is no way I could resist the See's Candy though...I moved from California in 2006 and still lust after them!!

Tooting Squared said...

I am reasoning to myself that once I've eaten that box of shortbread, the choc orange, those chocolate marzipans, the haribo, the mince pies, the dairy milk, the tasting tray of Green and Blacks ... then I can start my diet ...!

Jackie said...

Alright, I'll help you eat them ...yumm ;)

Holly said...

I completely suffer from PHED! XD I got 14 boxes of chocolates for Christmas from friends... I had to give them away! Well... All except my favorites. Muwahahaha! (;

Marla said...

Baileys with Sees! MMMMMMM

From the Old InkWell said...

And what about all those pretty cookies that we just had to bake before Christmas and now we just have to eat what's left! :)

Anonymous said...

My eyes zeroed in on the Bailey's! LOL
Ugh Holiday pounds. Go away!

Becca said...

Oh you're not the only one...I've been suffering with PHED since Thanksgiving :(

Irene said...

Oh, now I get it! I was wondering why I had gained weight. I couldn't figure it out. It's the After Eights and the delicious cookies!

Maureen said...

Richard: Sorry about that Chief! (apologies; I'm watching Get Smart DVDs tonight)

Lizzyland: Ha! Yes, addiction is right. And the See's... are fab!

Taschima: And now we have a name for it. The next thing you know, we'll get a Telethon to help us recover.

Me too Niki, me too... at least I FEEL like I have.

Hahaha Lady Banana! Yes, I can always find a "Fix" somewhere in the house...

MahoneyMusings: Well, great minds think alike, right? Right???

Feefifoto: Yeah, but what do you do when you have enough to last six months???

Ashley: I must admit I almost DIDN'T write this post for fear of insulting you... don't apologise. Those See's candies are The Most delicious things I have ever eaten! Thank you so much for giving them to me. If I have to die of a chocolate OD, I will die happy ;) And as you can see by the comments, I am not alone in the adoration of See's candies!

Hahaha Lazy Pineapple: But I would hate to be responsible for anyone but my own resolution failures.

Reforming Geek: I had to go over to see; yes, chocolate chip cookies are hubby's downfall. I like my chocolate straight up. ;)

Ceramix: OOOOH Terry's are wonderful; especially the Dark Chocolate ones.

HAhaha Courtney! Skittles!! Yes, I can see how those can be addictive.

Good idea Brenda! I used to store chocolates in the freezer and forget about them; I would find them years later. Unfortunately, are large freezer bit the dust a few years back... Ahhhh!

Mama Stress: My niece brought those back from San Francisco for me... they are amazing. Too amazing to share I admit.

HAR Tooting Squared! Yes, sounds like I need to get on that schedule as well...

Jackie: I'll share anything BUT the See's...

14 Holly! Holy crap... yes, good plan, good plan indeed.

Marla: Good pairing, no???? Yummy.

Marsha: I fear I shall be throwing out some cookies this year... to waste, or to waist.

She Who Sasses: Ha! Yeah, liquor and chocolate; the ultimate combo!

Har Becca! Yes, I do believe this disease can strike at any time; especially Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving.... there is no end.

Ha! Yep, The Green Stone Woman, they are deviousness disguised as deliciousness.

Life Outloud said...

Just get rid of the scale... ;)

Cupcake Blonde said...

I agree. Scales are evil. Plus chocolate makes me feel good. Better than anything else. :)

Maureen said...

Life Outloud: Doh! Now why didn't *I* think of that??? At least put it away for about three months...

Vegas Princess: Scales bad. Chocolate good. It's that simple.

JD at I Do Things said...

No one EVER gives me candy or edible treats as gifts! Oh, wait, I did get a Fannie May gift card. Mmmm. I will redeem that when I get back from vacation, perhaps. Something to look forward to.

You have my address. Feel free to send me anything you don't want.

Ca88andra said...

I know exactly what you mean, except my problem isn't sweets, its savouries. Just a lil more cheese, maybe some dip, a few chips... and all the weight comes back on!

JoJo said...

I'd be happy to take those luscious yummies off your hands!!! I avoided overeating during the holidays simply by virtue of the fact that I don't have a life. ;p

Ross said...

I can relate to what your saying. It's not only the things that you received for Christmas it's the leftovers as well. Just yesterday I ate my bodyweight in choclate covered prezzles that we got from Costco for the Holidays.

Anonymous said...

if you're happy just buy bigger clothes and throw away the scale haha

Babs-beetle said...

I'm so glad I have a name for it at last. I NEVER over indulge at Christmas. I seem to save it all up for after Christmas, and it lasts me well into the new year. I am only about one third through all my sweets and chocolates!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you are talking I open cupboard exposing hidden chocolate in mouth..walk away innocently like nothing happened, there will be evidence at some point when my jeans won't so up...but until then...

Maureen said...

Ha Ha JD! Will they allow partially-eaten boxes of chocolates over the border??? ;)

Ca88andra: You are too right; I still have yet to peek in all that Tupperware of goodies we made too. Gak.

Har Jo-Jo: Even alone, er ESPECIALLY when alone I over-eat. My worst time is while on the computer and snacking at the same time...

Oooh Ross! Chocolate covered pretzels are wonderful! Luckily, that's ONE thing I didn't get this year!

Now that may work for guys, Wheelyboy, but I am trying to buy SMALLER clothes thankyouverymuch!

And being sick makes them all last even longer, no? Hope you are feeling better Babs!

Ahahahaha Sexnfries (awesome name, BTW!). Yeah, the old "ostrich" method works... for awhile at least.

jay said...

"Seriously PHED up"! Hahaha, I love it! LOL!

But, yes, I know what you mean. I have two boxes of chocolates that I bought as gifts and accidentally didn't give to the people they were intended for. One got left out of a package and the other .. simply got ... left.


Ed said...

Sounds like it's time for a give-away. A contest. A promotion. Anything. What's it gonna take?

Unknown said...

I hear ya!
as i say this here i am eating chocolate :/

Maureen said...

Oh yeah Jay, the old "Really, I bought this for someone else" or "It's the extra-in-case-we-forgot-someone gift!" Sure, sure ;)

Hahahaha Ed! You mean you DON'T have a house full of candy???? Oh yeah, silly me. You have a house full of kids ;)

Lindsay: LOL! Yep, sounds like it's an epidemic!

Anonymous said...

I am definitely still suffering from PHED.. I wonder when it goes away??

Maureen said...

The Blue Zoo: From my experience and detailed research.... when the candy runs out.

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