What I Didn't Know

I didn't know that when is is - 30 C outside, my husband considers driving to work in an ice cube of a car as a normal feat.

I, on the other hand, do not.

I knew that since his truck was in the shop for some uber-expensive repairs (are there any other kind?) we would have to car pool for a few days.

I know I always warm up my van until I can travel to work in warm cozy comfort. He, on the other hand doesn't; he thinks nothing of hastily speeding out of the driveway at the last possible moment, scraping frost from INSIDE the windshield each morning.

We both know I prefer to drive the van, so as I gingerly held the frozen steering wheel to prevent my bare fingers from going numb, I knew I had left my gloves in my briefcase stowed beside the second row of seats behind hubby.

I didn't know however, how many impressive contortions hubby would twist himself into in an attempt to find them.

I also didn't know, until I heard the familiar "click" of his seatbelt being undone while I sped down the highway, that he would lean over the top of the passenger seat untethered until he proudly retrieved those gloves for me.

And lastly, I didn't know until I arrived at the office, that my new red Olympic mitts had been mere inches away in my purse the whole trip. Well within my reach.

Mitts in purse
It's just a good thing he never knew it either.

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Dusty Dudley said...

Well, at least your Olympic Mitts had a memorable "maiden voyage." ;-)

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Freezing cars are something I don't miss when warmer weather comes. Also the salt all over the vehicles.

Richard said...

Glad I at least don't have to deal with the salt. ;)

The Insatiable Host said...

That is kinda sweet! Love the gloves - I really do!!!

Occasionally, I have to share my van with my husband. We only have 1 vehicle, but he works 10 minutes from work...anyhow, so on days that HE needs to use MY van, I still have to get the KIDS ready and out the door, then wake HIM up...I always clean the van off, shovel around it, heat it up and have a mug of coffee ready for HIM before HE is out the door....

Got any suggestions???!!


have a great day!!



Cupcake Blonde said...

Hubbys are good like that! :)

I want some of those mittens so badly. And the cute hats the Canadian Olympians wore when they walked in for the Opening Ceremonies.

JoJo said...

Do you guys have to plug in your cars in the winter, like they do in Minnesota?

Mrs A said...

Ha ha our car (and house)is cooled to ice cube temps as it is +30c here and 150% humidity!!! love the mitts i want some, but are hard to get from down under.

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh I don't miss those kinds of temps at all. I can remember plugging the engine block in at night, no one over here believes me when I tell them! We rarely get frost on our windscreens!

Daisy said...

My Mommeh says it has been cold enough in south Florida that she actually turned on the seat warmer in her car!

Kisma said...

I personally have a garage that my precious sedan sits in and even I like to warm my car up before leaving on cold mornings. Maybe its a girl thing....

I love the gloves!!!!

Babs-beetle said...

And it's probably a good job he doesn't read your blog too! ;)

Momo Fali said...

Oops! Well, at least with all of that movement HE was plenty warm!

Mike said...

Reading your post makes me thankful for the warm California sun we are enjoying now....

jay said...

Hahaha! That's funny!

But .. I wonder? What is more dangerous, trying to drive with freezing fingers that you can't feel, or having a passenger do contortions over the seat to try to find gloves?

Maybe it's better to warm the car up first, after all! LOL!

Janet said...

Fabulous mittens! Like you, I hate a cold car. So does DD, and she's now taken to covering her lap with a blanket while driving to school...

Maureen said...

Kael: I have to keep my eyes on them; they are precious mittens!

Perpetual Chocoholic: Oh we still have at least a month of cold weather yet...

Richard: We don't use too much salt up here; mostly sand. Which is far better for our cars. The salt is only good when the weather is warmer... we are far too cold most of the time for it to work well anyway.

The Insatiable Host: Holy Crap! Yeah, I have one suggestion.... come up here and do that for ME! ;) You have one lucky husband Danon!

Vegas Princess: They are sold out once again... I am hoping to find more so we can keep some nice for next winter too ;)

Jo-Jo: Oh yes. When it hits - 40C nothing will start without a block heater.... we plug in nearly all winter long; at home and at work.

Oooh Renata: I am a true Canuck; I would melt in that heat and humidity. I prefer the cold; which, I guess, is a good thing up here ;)

Oh DJ! Yes, everyone here has plugs coming out of the front of their cars. I remember an American thinking way back when, before there were any, that we drove electric cars... Ha!

Daisy! Hee Hee! I guess "cold" is a relative thing, isn't it? I'll bet when you guys feel cold, all those Canadian snowbirds are basking in the heat!

Thanks Kisma! Garages are for putting cars into? Huh... gotta tell hubby that. Ours is filled with crap and there is no room for a car in there ;)

Oh that's for sure Babs! I only read him "selected" passages from it now and again...

Ha Momo! I'll bet he was!

Mike: Yeah.... I'll bet. But then where the heck could I wear my groovy mitts????

Exactly Jay! I think both are equally stupid and dangerous. Thank goodness we leave so early there is virtually no other traffic on the roads...

Oh Janet, I have done the blanket thing too! When it hits -40C, it takes a heck of a long time to warm up, especially a van. So yes, at times a blanket around the legs is necessary as well!

Jackie said...

Your husband needs to warm up his car in -30 weather or he will continue to have expensive car repairs. You gotta heat up the oil pan before running the engine . I know that, cause my ex use to warm up his car and I never knew why until he told me . You damage the engine if you run your car when it's frozen . silly men .

Jackie said...

Oh and btw , I have another surprise for you . I know you have received many awards but I hope you will accept this one cause .... I nominated your blog for the Beautiful Blog Award! Yay! I love your Blog!

go here to redeem your award

Boatwoman said...

Since living on the boats, we got rid of our car. We really do not miss it in any sort of weather. We now take public transport or walk.
I love the mitts ;0)

S.. Diva said...

wow.. great one.. loved it!

Brenda Grolle said...

It sounds like it would have been a good video moment, but *someone* had to keep their eyes on the road, right?

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