What Goes Through Their Heads

Ah Easter.... a four-day weekend I look forward to all year. Yup. FOUR days. IN a row. Being a government worker (now there's an oxymoron for you) I get both Good Friday and Easter Monday off.

It's the one time that I get a Stat Day that the rest of the family doesn't.

Oh but I AM awful, aren't I? (you don't have to answer that)

But I can't help it. Easter Monday is the one non-vacation-day I can lay in bed until I want to get up the animals force me out whining for breakfast.

Which made me think of what our pets think of regular working weekdays. I wonder what goes through their heads when they see us all rush out of the house early each morning, returning hours later to spend a short time cooking, eating, sleeping... only to start the silly routine all over again?

Only the dog is there to send me off at the front door and is there to excitedly greet me once more when I return home. I highly doubt she sits there all day, but I do ponder what they are thinking when I come back through the door...



You're Home! You're Home! You're Home!

Why did you leave? Where did you go?

Whatzthat? Did you bring me food?

Please let me hide behind your legs so that mean black cat will stop attacking me!



You're back?

Good. Feed me.

Or pet me.

Or pet AND feed me.




You were gone?


I hadn't noticed.





So I guess you want your bed back.


Where's that
cowardly dog? I need to give her a swipe... I've been sharpening my claws all day.

Yeah, I am sure they consider me merely a live-in-pet-maid in THEIR home.

But come Monday, I am the Queen of my castle.

Hear that girls? And this Queen is proclaiming that she will sleep in until at least 8:30!


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juskaulani said...

Why don't you just put extra food the night before, so they won't bug you the next morning?

Sharon Marie said...

Our furry friends do have their own attitudes and unique personalities. They KNOW that we are THEIR servants--LOL!

J said...

Hahaha, the cats' dialogues cracked me up. At one time, our house looked like we were trying to reinact Wild Kingdom or something.

Gerbil, guinea pig, bunny, three dogs and three cats.

Of course, the things that only really had much of any kind of dialogue were the guinea pig, cats and dogs.
You pretty much described the same thing that my dogs and cats were always thinking....

Now we're down to just three dogs--three different ones, now. And I have two little frogs with me here, haha. The most they think is, "OOH, ARE YOU FEEDING US TODAY?????" (They only are supposed to be fed twice a week...)

JoJo said...

Yeah, Maureen, good luck with that. lol Seriously. Good luck with that. Enjoy your long weekend! :D We don't get either Friday or Monday off down here.

Richard said...

Ha, good luck on ordering cats around! :P

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

I'm jealous that you get both days off. I get neither.

There were times this last winter when I would head out the door to the freezing cold, sigh hard, then glance back at two cats settling down for the first of many naps after I filled their bellies with breakfast. They couldn't have cared less than I was leaving because they had all they needed.

I'm so glad I can work to pay of their house.

Sistertex said...

No days off for Easter here either. :( Sure could use one or two though.

Not sure what the animals all think, but I *do* know that you have some really beautiful animals there! Just gorgeous! Enjoy your break....I will try to post on some holidays I get off that you don't...just to get even! ;) Happy Easter.

Jon said...

haha... funny one...

DJ Kirkby said...

All your pets are gogeous but esp Casey. I want a Casey.

Irene said...

Don't you hate to leave them every morning? Doesn't it bother you tremendously? Can you really keep doing this? How can you live with yourself? Sob!!!! It's so sad.

ReformingGeek said...

You've got that right! I love the photos.

Daisy said...

Harley and I are always very, very sad when Mommeh leaves the house for work. Because it means at least 9 hours before we can get more food.

Kisma said...

Haha... this is a great post. Our family critters have it down to a science, the cats start pestering around 6am and the dog just follows in their lead cause he knows once they have their food, he gets his.

Pets are awesome!

Happy Easter and have a great day off!!!

JC said...

In my house I have a small black cat, a small black dog, and a giant goldendoodle. The smaller animals play and sleep together but they want nothing to do with the much larger dog. Maybe they're racist??

Great post Maureen.....it gave me a good chuckle!

Sam Liu said...

Lol, "now there's an oxymoron for you", that made me laugh :D

I can completely relate to your problem, I have two cats who insist on doing everything in their feline powers to wake me up when all I want to do is sleep. Your pets are so cute as well, one of my cats looks just like Dakotah :).

Cupcake Blonde said...

Proof that my two cats are more like dogs. Every single time we leave or return to the house our cats are there to see us off and greet us when we return. They just love to be the first ones to see us I guess. :)

Reputation@Stake said...

That was great. That's exactly what it feels like they are probably thinking. Nice capture. I don't even have pets and I know that's what their little brains are thinking. Hence, part of the reason I don't have any. My sister has a cat and it assumes it's the boss when it is in my house! I'm just glad none of them have thumbs. That would be a very dangerous appendage.

jay said...

Hahaha! Yes, I think that's right on the money - especially the cats! 'Meh'! LOL!

Babs-beetle said...

Hah! You got that about right! Livvie doesn't even wake up when we come home any more! We forgive her aged bones though.

Swubird said...


A funny post, but a subject that I share with you. Whenever we leave home our cat sits there by the back porch and stares at us. I have often wondered what she's thinking. Probably nothing. But now that she's older, 18 last month, she seems to be glad when we return. Of course, she meows for her lunch, can't forget that. So I feed her and she appears to be happy. Most of the time, however, she could care less about whether we live or die. But that's cats.

Happy trails

Maureen said...

Juskaulani: Because they will eat the food, then just want more in the morning... and if you have cats, you will know they never stop bugging you....

Sharon Marie: You are so right.

Jennifer: Ha! Your house sounds like mine! Three cats, one dog, a gecko, four aquariums... we have also had our share of hamsters over the years too... gad.

Aw, Lady Banana... don't look! Don't look! Sad eyes are irresistable!

Jo-Jo: Yeah. Didn't work. Didn't really think it would...

Richard: Yep. What the heck was I thinking??

Ha Kathy! How true! Lucky felines... I am quite surprised you guys don't get a long weekend! You have more than we do! Hope you had a nice Easter regardless.

Thank you! Hope you had a great Easter Sistertex...

Jon: ;)

DJ: Give me your mailing addy. I will ship her off to you. Oh, not really ;)

Green Stone Woman: It is sad, but then they are happy I can afford to buy them this nice house, food, toys...

Thanks Reforming Geek!

Yes, Daisy, it is sad, but then you still have weekends and evenings. And think of all those pretty clothes they buy for you!

Thanks Kisma! I hope you had a great Easter as well! Ours was very nice.

Ahahaha JC! I hope they're not! Thanks!

Sam, I have seen so many black cats that look like Dakotah, it's scary. Or maybe it's just scary cause they are black cats....

Aw, Vegas Princess, that is so cute! And so are your two cats!

Ha Reputation at Stake! Cats with thumbs! Now THAT is scary!

Jay: Yep! I think they invented the term "Meh!" Them or teenagers.

Yes, Babs, they definitely mellow with age. But the dog still acts as silly as when she was a pup. And she's 12.

Ha Swu, yep. 18?? Wow, what a lucky cat!

Janet said...

lol Our cats let everyone else but ME sleep late! What's the deal with that?

Ours are more like your dog. They greet me every time I walk in the door! In fact, Lily runs, meowing, to see me. It's really quite sweet. But we all know what she wants! FUDS!

Anonymous said...

I love this post...it's so true! My own animals so often stare at me intently. Sometimes I know what they want..other times I'm also wondering, "What are they thinking?"
I wrote a post on my own blog in January, titled, "Only My Dog Understands Me". Life would be boring without our pets, wouldn't it?

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