Like millions of others, Steve Jobs changed my life.

Back in the 80's, my first experience with an Apple computer was on the job here at a Univerisity-based hospital. Because we are a teaching facility, I learned computer animation programming on an $ 85,000 (yep, that's THOUSAND dollars) Apple to create a simulation for instructing nurses on how to use a new infusion pump.

It was incredibly COOL.

It made me dream of having my very own Apple, but alas, I would have to wait. And wait. And wait. The new millennium arrived and my very first Apple came in the form of my iPod. Now I could listen to my entire music library wherever I went.

It was awesomely COOL.

It was also well after we had given daughter her very own iPod, but before she received an iPod Touch for another birthday.

They were too COOL.

A few years back, I did a short talk on computing at a GE conference. One of the gifts I received was probably the smallest, but the best: an iPod Shuffle.

It was miniaturized COOL.

Then last year, I finally received my very own Apple computer. My iPad came free with my car purchase... not the reason I bought the car of course

But it was insanely COOL.

I am never without my iPad. I use it daily. It HAS changed my life -- no question. Just a few weeks ago, daughter got her very first Mac for her University Computer Science courses so she can carry on the family tradition of computer programming.

Yep, it is too COOL for school.

So thank you Steve.

Thank you for all the incredible, awesome, miniaturized, insanely too COOL tools.

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Kisma said...

Well said!

Babs-beetle said...

My very first Apple computer was in 1988 (a second hand Mac II) and I've used Apple computers ever since. I love my iPhone and an iPad is hopefully the next to enter our home.

Apple products are definitely the absolute best, so thank you Steve Jobs!

Daisy said...

How many people will be able to say they changed the world in their lifetime?

Richard said...

I don't know that he changed too much as in the fact there were tablets and mp3 players and cell phones way before Apple. I think it's more of the built up brand name that gets him there.

JoJo said...

Very sad indeed. He was just too young to go.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome tribute, Maureen!

The very first computer I ever touched in elementary school was Apple. And my iPod was the coolest thing ever. So was the little Shuffle one of my friends sent me in the mail loaded with tunes, and my iPod Touch apps and music are my saviors during runs.

I've yet to venture into iPhones, MacBooks or iPads, but I wanna!

Still so sad, such a huge loss.

Ed & Jeanne said...

Don't forget about Pixar too. Where would we all be without Toy Story...

Janet said...

Agreed, well said! Amazing contributions.

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