A New Phone

If you're like me (and my sincere condolences if you are...) you probably have gone through a kajillion many phones in your life. Especially after cell phones came on the scene.

From that first "brick" phone to a sleek flip model, two Blackberries and then my newest iPhone, I traded up so quickly, I swiftly acquired a drawer of telephone castoffs.

Poor castoffs! And bad me. Well, at least they are not piled in some landfill. Nope. I kept them; for what exactly, I have no freakin' idea.

So it was some trepidation that I announced to hubby that I bought yet another phone.

He looked at me with that same, oh gad, not again look.

"Really? I thought you liked your iPhone? You haven't even had it six months!"

Yeah, but this one I just got is so .... unique.



Classic design.

Comes in black too.

Only problem is, it may be a tad too big (and freakishly heavy) to fit in my purse. On second thought, if you've ever seen my knapsack purse, it may just tuck in after all. And that receiver can double as a lethal weapon - one swing and any attacker will be instantly rendered unconscious.

Okay, maybe I'll keep my iPhone... the games on this thing suck big time.

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Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

have you seen these?

Maureen said...

Ha! Connie that's priceless! I can definitely see some people wanting those...

Actually, the reason I bought this 1907 Candlestick phone was to decorate my vintage art studio ;) I have always wanted one! The sucker is authentic and super heavy. It even came with the cords intact. I wonder if we could hook it up. Hmmmm....

JoJo said...

HAHAHAHA My mom will be 85 next week and won't stop complaining about how she wants a desktop phone with the big handset, ala the only rotary dial phones of yore. We actually found one but she complained that it didn't ring loud enough.

Kisma said...

That is awesome! I love it!

Daisy said...

I always wanted a pretty pink Princess phone!

Babs-beetle said...

I don't have a single old mobile. I always ended up giving them away to friends or relatives - until my iPhone. Mo has my first iPhone.

I love that old phone :)

Bart said...

I have phone repellent pockets, so I always buy the cheapest, simplest model. It's no use buying a luxury item like an Iphone, I would loose it before I'd made it to the door of the shop.

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