Talking To Yourself


Today as I was heading back to my office after grabbing a coffee at the hospital cafeteria, a young woman was walking closely behind me. I noticed her because she was talking.

Talking loudly.

I assumed she was speaking to someone walking with her. I took a quick glance.

Nope. She was alone.

Then I thought she must be on her cellphone as she was carrying on quite the conversation. As I turned a corner, I noticed she didn't have a cellphone in her hand either.

She broadcasted her opinions about the cold weather and coats... at full volume, I might add.

At the next corner, I made sure to confirm my suspicions. Nope. No Bluetooth. No cell.

Her conversation was with herself.

When I got to Emergency and passed the Security guard stationed there, it was no surprise to me that she did a 360 and headed quickly back down the hall.

Methinks the Psych ward has a missing patient.

Although with the advent of Bluetooth and phone gloves (above), it's getting harder and harder to tell the crazy people from the... erm... "other crazy people".

Naughty Bits

Or should I say "Naughty BITES"?

I discovered these in our hospital cafeteria, so out came the iPhone camera...

Note that the"Simply Naked" ones are on top...

Yep, I am BAD today.

The White Wizard

That's "GandAlf" if you don't mind...

Okay, maybe they spelled it wrong (erm, methinks they HAD to to avoid a lawsuit), but still "Gandolf" descended  upon us last night, bringing a blizzard of white in his wake.

With winds over 70 Km/hour and a good dumping of snow, it was a wild night.

I made sure we had everything we needed in case the power went out (prepare for the worst, hope for the best they say), battened down the hatches, set up some candles, cozied up on my favorite chair with a blanket and a warm fuzzy cat on my lap and watched "The Thing"*.

It didn't end up being as bad as they had predicted thank goodness, but it was enough to create a few good deep drifts.

Up to 4 foot drifts in places

Tawnee and a frosty window

Part of the Christmas swag still hanging at the front door

All I know is, since hubby's had a nasty cough since Christmas and now this storm, we've really had to put a hold on our plans...

for we STILL haven't ventured out to see The Hobbit on the big screen.

Click to biggify - you'll be glad you did

* If you're not a Sci-Fi fan or even a Big Bang Theory fan, you might not get that reference. It takes place in the South Pole and was the film Sheldon et al watched when they were at the North Pole... so's the perfect winter-storm movie.

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