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Today as I was heading back to my office after grabbing a coffee at the hospital cafeteria, a young woman was walking closely behind me. I noticed her because she was talking.

Talking loudly.

I assumed she was speaking to someone walking with her. I took a quick glance.

Nope. She was alone.

Then I thought she must be on her cellphone as she was carrying on quite the conversation. As I turned a corner, I noticed she didn't have a cellphone in her hand either.

She broadcasted her opinions about the cold weather and coats... at full volume, I might add.

At the next corner, I made sure to confirm my suspicions. Nope. No Bluetooth. No cell.

Her conversation was with herself.

When I got to Emergency and passed the Security guard stationed there, it was no surprise to me that she did a 360 and headed quickly back down the hall.

Methinks the Psych ward has a missing patient.

Although with the advent of Bluetooth and phone gloves (above), it's getting harder and harder to tell the crazy people from the... erm... "other crazy people".

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Tracy said...

I talk to myself all the time. I figure it is a sign of intelligence since I'm an intelligent person. LOL. Although I don't walk down hallways carrying a conversation with myself.

Babs-beetle said...

I talk to myself all the time at home. My excuse is that I'm talking to the cats :)

JoJo said...

I talk to myself too, but not like that and not loudly out in public. It's the curse of the only child; I had no one else to talk to growing up.

Jay said...

Phone gloves??? What the heck are phone gloves?

I talk to myself a LOT. I sing to myself, too, but only when I think I'm alone. Talking, now that I'll do in public, sometimes. It seems saner, somehow, than singing.

Does that mean that I'm a crazy person?

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