In December 2011, daughter and I embarked on our usual adventure Boxing Day to fight the crowds shop at the mall. While there, we discovered that the pet store was closing. Squeezing through the throng of customers snatching up discounted inventory, we came across a large cage with a tiny, solitary baby Love Bird rocking away on a wheel. Her two siblings had been adopted earlier that week, so the poor thing was left all alone.

Of course our hearts just melted when she hopped up to us, chirping away. Daughter already had a budgie, so we decided to bring her home and the two birds could keep each other company (in separate cages, of course but in the same room).

Meeka the Lovebird has grown a lot in the last year, and since daughter's landlord doesn't allow pets, when she moved out, Meeka and Zazu the Budgie remained  here in my studio. They are both so much fun and are used to the curious stares from the cats - who are locked out of the studio when I'm not home, just to be on the safe side.

A few days ago, Meeka had quite the surprise for me...

Well, holy crap! An egg!

(Good thing she is alone; I knew for sure it wasn't fertilized...)

Of course the first thing I did was to Google "My Lovebird laid an egg" and found this is quite normal; she may lay a few. It was recommended to remove the egg, but I waited a day until she had pushed it away from her "nest" herself.

Since I was able to blow it and wash it out, it's going to be

The. Smallest. Decorated. Easter. Egg. Ever.

I've just got to find the teeniest, tiniest brush in my toolkit, is all.

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JoJo said...

Wow it's so TINY! How'd you blow it out w/o crushing it?

Maureen said...

I used a needle. I have done regular chicken eggs every Easter, so I have lots of practice... but not on something so small! The needle went in each end very easily, it's a much thinner shell than a chicken egg. Then I used the needle to "scramble" the insides. I covered it with a paper towel (to protect my lips), blew on one end and the yolk and white came out easily! Then I washed it, swishing water inside and dried everything off. It's important to wash up thoroughly afterward and disinfect; I didn't want to risk salmonella.

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

You MUST share when it is all decorated!!

Babs-beetle said...

What a tiny little egg and a cute love bird :)

Bruce Johnson said...

Damn, that is one small egg...

The Asian Pear said...

so small!! awwwh.

Unknown said...

Love birds are so beautiful. I adore small, tiny creatures! So cute!

Jay said...

That IS tiny! My goodness, you're going to have to be careful how you hold this one to paint it, aren't you? I hope you're going to post a picture of the result!

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