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Since work sent Maureen to Orlando for a medical conference last week, I got to join her on another trip to America!

We weren't going all that way just for business though - we got in two days of good old Florida tourism; joining the crowds at Disney World and Universal Studios.

And boy, were there crowds!

We thought going early on a Monday would be quieter at Disney - um no! But Chip and Dale welcomed me with open arms... I think they liked my USA flag T-shirt.

We said hi to Walt but he was much too tall for me to shake hands.

Mickey was quite dapper in his Halloween outfit.

There were pumpkins and Fall decor everywhere.

Captain Sparrow was a gracious host, entertaining us with a few lines of "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me".

It was a very hot and humid day for late October...but we rode a Big Thunder Mountain, went Under The Sea with The Little Mermaid,

stepped aboard the Pirates of the Caribbean ride,

rode a steam locomotive, had lunch with Gaston,

enjoyed the People Mover through Tomorrowland, sat in the revolving theater for Walt's classic "Carousel of  Progress",

visited Cinderella's Castle,

 laughed at Melvin, Buff and Max at the Country Bears Jamboree

and rode the Monorail! A lot of fun despite the crowds and crazy heat.

But the bestest thing of all?

I even got a pair of ears just my size!

4 People would rather be commenting:

Unknown said...

Hello Maureen!
I'm glad you're back. I've been reading your blog for a couple of months or so but was pretty sad that the last post was already months and months ago.
I hope to read more in the coming days. Please don't go on blogging hiatus ever again.


JoJo said...

Hi Sam and Maureen!!!! Glad you had fun on your trip! We want to go too, one of these days.

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

What a fun trip!! And your very own ears?? that is so awesome!

Laura S Reading said...

You look simply stunning in your great sweater and ears. I am very jealous. I have never been to a big amusement park. I did work for a 6 flags park before it was 6 flags, and that was fun. To have a grand adventure like you had sounds amazing!

Over the weekend I watched 3 Pirates of the Carribbean movies. I would have had fun swashbuckling around Disney.

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