A Sign Of The Newer Times

Back on November 16, 2007, I wrote THIS:

Okay, it was a short post, so if you don't want to click, here it is again in it's entirety:

A Sign Of The Times

One paper delivery.

29 flyers.

No newspaper.

Yup. Christmas is coming, alright.

Now, six years later (holy crap, I just realized it's nearly to the DAY - that's scary), I still get way too many flyers and no newspaper, but to make matters worse, I am getting inundated with an avalanche of EMAIL adverts too....

The Hottest Gifts For You!

Check Out Our Christmas Specials!

Save On The Holidays Now!!!

13 new emails this morning. Only one of which was NOT advertising. I have been hitting the Unsubscribe button on a daily basis. You know, that teenie tiny link sneakily hidden somewhere in a light colour at about point 2 font size like this: unsubscribe

And not only do you have to hit the link, there is always that inevitable questionnaire on how sorry they are to see you go (sob!), and why oh why on earth would you leave us! (simply check off a reason from our handy-dandy list of 30 choices), oh and by the way, it will take at least 10 business days to process your request (insert evil laugh here).

Both my blue bin in the garage and my trash bin on the laptop are filling up fast.

Yup. Christmas is coming, alright.

Oooh. Déjà vu.

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Babs-beetle said...

I found a brilliant Firefox plug in that stops trackers in their tracks. It's these trackers that ultimately determine what advertising spam will be sent out to you. It's called ghostly and it works a treat!

JoJo said...

I keep blocking addresses and reporting them as phishing scams, in addition to unsubscribing. It's a real pain. I only get catalogs but not too many because I don't order on the scale I used to.

The Asian Pear said...

I hate spam in my email but I must admit, I LOVE the flyers that come in every week. It's become a family tradition. Everyone has their favourite flyers to look at. My parents and I bicker over who gets to see the grocery store flyers first and we do meal planning together.

Janet said...

And wasn't the digital world supposed to simplify our lives? LOL

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