Was it a full moon or something???

What the heck was it about yesterday and drivers from HE double hockey sticks. It started off by my usual boring drive to work. Sitting there minding my own business in the slow lane behind a whole line of cars, waiting for the light to turn...I then look left to see a car CRAWLING past me, missing my side mirror by a fraction of an centimeter... really... I thought the mirror was going to peel off. Now, I was sitting smack center in my lane, in fact I prefer to drive closer to the right curb, so I was shocked to see someone come so close to me. Cripes! I finally catch up to the bozo weaving in and out of his lane, and see it is an old geezer (in a hat, of course) and about oh, 277 years old. His head was bent over almost on his right shoulder and he was barely able to see over his steering wheel. Yikes, this guy could barely handle his huge car in a lane. What the heck was he doing out in rush hour traffic???

Then on the way home, it was again a treat...not. First some fellow in a red sportscar decided he wanted to drive in my lane (while I was in it, right BESIDE him no less), then waved to me with a big smile when I gave him the horn (after swerving into the next, thankfully open, lane). Now, I am not hard to miss...a bright blue Dodge Caravan is not exactly hidden in anyone's blind spot...

A few blocks later, a truckdriver decided after seeing an open parking spot on a very narrow one way street to BACK UP and parallel park...oh, but the two packed lanes of cars lined up behind him had to get out of his way first! Here he was shaking his fist at everyone because he had pulled in front of the spot without signalling so we all had to wait for a few lights to turn before the car ahead of me could change lanes and allow him to back up....geesh! Maybe mandatory driver testing should be done by EVERYONE yearly....I doubt many would pass.....)

Oh, and I checked....it WAS indeedy a full moon!


Explains a lot.

At least for yesterday....

Image from Calculatorcat's Moon Phases website.

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Maureen said...

Capn Mojo said:
Hi Maureen,
My hubby is a Truck Driver and on this day he also had "close encounters", but it was people trying to pass ther people going the other way, and coming into his lane.
Thank goodness it was only close encounters! And for you, too!
I feel sorry for old people as they still have to go places, (ie; Doctors, Grocery Store, ect...), but they shouldn't be endangering the rest of the world to accomplish these everyday needs. I AGREE WITH YOU!
There needs to be in each community, everywhere, a service to elders, to take them where they need to go, as many have no family to look after them.
It's pretty sad if you think about it.
But! I have something happier to announce!
Or, well, Mojo is!
I've just announced it on my blog and submitted it to The Carnival Of The Cats, http://carnival.isfullofcrap.com/.
If you have any experiences with kittens and birthing, or just want to google at them when they come, I'll be glad to hear anything you have to say!
Thanks for being there.
I look forward to hearing from you again.

14/5/06 01:49

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