This Is Just Plain Wrong

So I'm driving to work today and I notice this truck pulling a trailer going past me in the next big deal, right? Well, what caught my eye was what he had on the BACK of his trailer. I quickly whipped out my camera and caught up with him to snap this:

Ahhh!!! These poor plushies!!! How tempted was I to save them, wash them up and give them a good home, but alas, he sped off down Main Street to who knows where, taking his captives with him....

2 People would rather be commenting:

Maureen said...

Sofia said...
LOL! Save the plushies! Save those poor little plushies!

18/5/06 12:01

Maureen said...

PghGuy said...
That's hilarious! What a great picture!

20/5/06 09:52

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