This Guy Needs A GPS...

...or at the very least, a brain.

Sometimes it's just a great idea to have a camera ready, wherever you are. Like driving home from work one day last week... I notice the car behind me stopping and starting in an unusual way - not WHEN traffic goes forward - but like he's not paying attention. I move forward, look in my rear view mirror, and notice he is like a block behind, then suddenly rushes forward right behind me again. This happens over and over. There is a long line up of cars behind him...and I look more closely at my rear view mirror while stopped at the red light.


He's reading at the wheel, not just while stopped.

During rush hour.

Oh, and THAT's not the best part. Look in his back seat.

Yup. A small child.

OMG. At first I think he's reading a newspaper...but then I realise it's a map. He's lost. The map is laid out OVER his steering wheel.

Yeah. He's lost alright.

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