The Battle Over The PC

Not only do I now have to share my computer with my teenage daughter (while hers is in the shop -- which, if you don't have/had a teenager, is quite the tragedy if they can't IM their friends 24/7).... I also have to battle my cat Dakotah over desk space.

Last week I finally got myself a half-decent desk for our library / scrapbooking room. Previously my PC was in the basement, dangerously teetering on an old broken down desk barely held together with makeshift supports [ie. large paperclips bent over nails]- not a good thing to have a CPU and large monitor weighing it down, but I digress...

Anyway, I was so happy to finally have my computer and printer upstairs where I could sit down any time of the day and blog, print out photos to scrap, and otherwise check my email 30 times a day. That is, until my daughter's PC finally gave up the ghost and I had to take it in for repair after trying for days to get it up again, to no avail. Now she stands behind me while I type, waiting to get on the net and chat to friends who literally live down the block (*sigh*).

Once I DO get on (like now while she's sleeping...heh, heh), my cat has to make sure SHE'S the center of attention.

A black cat walking in front of your monitor can be a bit hard to type around, never mind the tail swishing in your face, or her trying to "catch" things on the screen...

Or she'll simply steal my seat when I get up to get a drink or snack.

Maybe I was better off in the basement after all...

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