Sure ... I'll try to do just that....

I encountered a rather rude awakening this morning, and it didn't take long for the memories to return like a bitter wind.

After slipping and sliding quite ungracefully out the front door, I proceeded to the ice block that was once my car. Great. The one morning I wanted extra time to take it slow on the way into work.

I hop inside and grit my teeth as my butt finds no bounce to the rock hard seat.

I start the car and then realize, after locking the front door, that my ice scraper is sitting cozily inside the house....somewhere.

No problem, I think. I have windshield wiper fluid ... I can melt the inch thick ice enveloping my vehicle by squirting it with, yes, COLD fluid!

Damn! That didn't work.

I take drastic measures and pull out my credit card. Call a cab? Order a hot coffee? No, I do what any true Canadian does on the first day of snow. I begin to chip the ice off the windshield with it.

To my dismay, even THAT has no effect on the deep freeze.

I return to the car, crank up the heater to full and sit, watching the ice slowly retreat like spring's gradual thaw. At least my butt is warming up my car seat.

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