Little Green Birdie

So I'm off work today and spend the afternoon out picking up a few things, getting some books from the library, the usual. I pull up to our house, and since no-one is home, I take out my keys, grab all my stuff, including a large take out cup of iced tea I had yet to finish and head for the door (yeah, I was never one to make more than a single trip from the car if I can possibly help it). I pull open our screen door and let it hit my rear as I fumble to insert the key into the lock; so of course my cell phone goes off at just that inopportune moment. Hubby was calling to find out if we needed anything for dinner.

Just then, I look down at the step and inches away from my feet is this little bird - sitting there watching me trying to balance library books, bags, a large drink and a cell phone whilst attempting to open our deadbolt. {And on a side note; why are cell phones so small that you cannot possibly, for the life of you, hold the darn thing hands-free between your head and shoulder like a normal phone? Believe me, I was trying...}

So I shove the library books between my legs, careful not to startle the little thing, as I delve one hand into my purse for the digital camera (yes, I DO take it everywhere I go). All the while I am telling hubby about this green bird only a few inches long that is just sitting here watching me. Unbenownst to the bird, on the other side of the door is a yappy dog and two cats which I am sure would love to "play" with our newfound visitor - if I was ever able to open the darn door.

I finally get a chance to take a picture... of the cement step and half the wall. No bird. Bravo.

I try again... this time I got a great shot of the potted plant - sans bird. Geez.

All this time, this tiny bird is just sitting there, cocking his head sideways to watch this stupid human juggling act, so I become concerned that it may be hurt or something... I didn't see it fly in, or where the heck he came from.

Finally I get a shot with the bird actually in it... doh!

Satisfied by now that I am probably some lunatic or perhaps simply bored with the acrobatic show, the bird hops off to leave me alone at our front door once again.

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Maureen said...

Captain Mojo said...
Ahh, I'm jealous! You get such wonderful encounters where you live.
I love birds and would have enjoyed, even through all the difficulties, thatgreen bird in the door.

Just like you!

22/8/06 03:35

Maureen said...

dynamomomof2 said...
love the humor in this post and that birdie is adorable!

22/8/06 07:53

Maureen said...

Sofia said...
LOL Love your story. I've had similar encouters, trying to get pictures of the wild rabbits or ducks which live around our apartment.

Love the picture! What a cutie. :-)

22/8/06 10:55

Maureen said...

Maureen said...
what a cute little birdie. We had a similar encounter at my In-Laws when a neighbor had a duck sitting on a nest right by her front door.

22/8/06 17:34

Maureen said...

melissa said...
lol at you balancing everything plus trying to take a picture. ;) sounds like me.

that birdie is so cute

27/8/06 01:32

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