Quicker Isn't Always Better

I should know better.

I really should.

In between working at two hospitals today, I thought I would save time and grab a quick lunch to eat in the car on the way back to my office. Throwing caution to the wind, I decide to be "bad" and pull into a local A&W. Going inside to order, I puruse the menu and decide on the Teenburger Meal.

"Fries or onion rings?" asks the elderly woman behind the till.

I'm brave: "Rings, please. Oh, and iced tea instead of root beer."

Thump. A bag INSTANTLY appears on the counter.... really. In just seconds. I am unsure whether to be impressed or afraid.

Looking around, I realise I am the only one in line. This has to be mine. I open it up and yes, a burger and onion rings, ketchup AND napkins are all inside.

Now this is where I made my big mistake: I pay for my meal, pick up the drink and greasy bag and I leave.

At the first red light my grumbling stomach succumbs to the aroma of fried sinfulness. I take a bite of the burger, which, by the way, looks NOTHING like the Teenburgers on TV. Or in their coupon ads. Mouth full of soggy bun and lukewarm patty, I swiftly come to the conclusion that yes, I SHOULD have been afraid. Even the bacon tasted "off".

So much for lunch. Back in the bag it goes, along with the onion rings I now have no appetite for.

I sip on the iced tea.

Yes, I should have known better. And saved myself $ 8.50 to boot.


NOT what a real Teenburger looks like

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