Driving Behind Idiots

Sometimes I just have to shake my head...

...and then there are times when I just have to take out my camera:

Yup, he's in fact reading the newspaper WHILE driving... was doing this all the way home (lucky me to be going the same way, stuck behind him). And to top it off, there are two kids in the back seat.

Please note the licence plate has been blurred to protect the stupid.

3 People would rather be commenting:

Maureen said...

j said...
UNBELIEVABLE!!! I guess it's a good thing you were behind him, huh?

4/4/07 13:57

Maureen said...

Sofia said...
Holy cow! That's crazy! I saw a guy shaving in the car once. I wish I had had my camera.

5/4/07 12:28

Maureen said...

Jill said...
Well, we shouldn't have to worry about encountering that guy for very long!!!! And to think females get all kinds of grief over putting on a little makeup at a traffic light!!!!!!

I wonder how that stacks up against drunk driving and driving while talking on a cell phone?

7/4/07 09:20

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