Car Wash

It's a beautiful day and I'm off early from work.

"Great!" I tell myself. "Time to finally wash the car." Poor thing still has the grime from winter on it. I pull into the local "do-it-yourself and get-your-feet-wet" place and am pleased to see no lineup to enter. Cool.

I even get the first stall by the exit! Great! So, I get to work, as the charge is based upon how long you take. Wash, wash. Rinse, rinse.

I proceed to the cashier, noting the large sign upon entering the payment area "REMEMBER: YOU ARE BEING CHARGED FOR YOUR TIME IN THE BUILDING". Yeah, I know. That's why I rushed. I get inside and am dismayed to see a lineup -- at the cashier!

What makes it worse, is that the lineup is also for the convenience store patrons; one cashier is helping an elderly gent sort thru his 50 (okay, so I'm was probably only 40) lottery tickets to see if he had a winner. The other cashier was helping lady with an ice cream parfait.

Cashier A, now satisfying elderly gent that he didn't win on any of his tickets, is now free..."Great! The line will start moving finally!" I mistakenly believe. Nope. She has begun a hunt for Ice-Cream Lady who seems to have a need for a spoon. "I can't eat my ice cream without a spoon!" she declares.

I begin to twitch.

The clock continues to tick.

Three people in front of me clench their money and car wash tickets in frustration.

Cashier B stands there, chatting up Ice-Cream Lady while Cashier A searches the building for a disposable spoon.

I tap my foot.

Cashier A still hunts for said spoon.

Cashier B now discovers she and Ice-Cream-Lady have a friend in common and begin intense discussion of her work schedule.

I screw up my courage and announce, in a not-too-quiet voice from the end of the line "They should really have a seperate cashier JUST for the Car Wash patrons." The lady in front of me nods her head vigorously in agreement. Unfortunately neither Cashier A or B hear my suggestion.

Cashier A gives up the hunt for a spoon. Ice-Cream-Lady leaves, sans her cool treat. Car Wash patrons finally start paying ... and to my surprise, each and every one is EXACTLY the same amount; nearly double the "minimum" charge.

It's a scam, I tell ya.

3 People would rather be commenting:

Maureen said...

Sofia said...
LOL Love the way you told the story. That's crazy that they charge you for just standing in line.

30/4/07 13:41

Maureen said...

Jill said...
Oh that's awful!!!! Here you just put in quarters and the thing only runs for that amount of time. :-( :-(

3/5/07 06:09

Maureen said...

We have some places that do the quarters thing too, but I always seem to forget to check for change before I actually get in line...sigh...

15/5/07 09:56

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