Hubby Should Know Better...

...than to leave me to wander the local Geek-Big-Box-Computer-Store.

We were there last week to get daughter a 22 inch widescreen monitor for her 16th birthday. While hubby was paying for it, he foolishly let me "just take a look" at the laptops.

Bad move. I soon spotted my baby; an HP Pavilion Media Centre with 1 Gig RAM, 80 Gig HD, DVD/CD burner with Lightscribe, wireless, Altec-Lansing speakers, slots for my camera cards and the HP Media Suite software for photos, videos, movies, even TV .... all for $599 CDN. With 3 months to pay no interest. Yeah, I could handle that.

Can you say "Geek Heaven"?

Actually, it solved three problems:

1) Hubby wants a computer he can play, er, work on.
2) Daughter needs a computer downstairs.
3) I need a computer I can travel with.

So now my desktop PC moves downstairs and the new laptop is in my office upstairs. Luckily, daughter was so thrilled to get her "jumbotron" for her bedroom computer and another PC in the basement, she didn't mind my splurge on myself.

I mean, at that price, I just couldn't leave the poor thing at the store, now could I?

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