Which is exactly what I did.

Emerging from the house yesterday, quietly contemplating the serene spring morning, little did I know of the menace lurking in the darkness of the neighbor's flower bed.

As I rounded our van to unlock the driver's door, my solace was swiftly broken by a flurry of feathers and protesting "QUACKS!" as a female mallard burst from her hiding spot, flapping wildly on her escape path directly at me. Luckily my collision-avoidance-system (instinct) caused me to, in fact, DUCK, and retain my head.

I did not, however, retain my dignity nor composure. I must have looked like an idiot dodging a duck in my driveway.

Good thing I work in Cardiology.

I just about had a heart attack.

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Maureen said...

BonnieRose said...
lol that is funny. Love your sense of humor!

23/5/07 15:28

Maureen said...

P.L. Frederick said...
You know, ducks look so harmless—no big muscles, no agressive personality, no sharp teeth. Heck, not even one soft cuddley tooth. They've even been voted the funniest animal worldwide by LaughLab. Yet, century after century, duckies successfully live amongst us humans, glaring at us with those cute but beady eyes. They're seen enjoying themselves in public parks, office parks, and even your parking lot. They've got a secret, ducks do.

Or not.

P.L. Frederick
Small and Big

23/5/07 17:06

Maureen said...

Thanks Bonnie...although some days I swear I was put on this earth for the amusement of my neighbors.

23/5/07 21:02

Maureen said...

:) PL

We had a goose in the yard a few years back. It took a chunk out of our dog's nose. Although, the dog was asking for it, really...stupid thing chased it a long time until the goose had enough and finally turned and took a stand. Needless to say, the dog came hightailing back home tout suite. But I always wondered why the goose didn't just fly away instead of running...they must indeed have a secret.

23/5/07 21:09

Maureen said...

melissa said...
oh my goodness-that explanation made me LOL ;) even though there so cute..ducks can get agressive

25/5/07 04:35

Maureen said...

Maureen said...
Cute pic, my In-Laws neighbor had one build a nest last year right by her front door

26/5/07 08:03

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