Even Steven

Jerry Seinfeld ("The Opposite" episode): "Everything will even out. See, I have two friends. You were up, he was down. Now he's up, you're down. You see how it all evens out for me? ..."

Life often evens out for me as well. Take last Thursday, for example. A friend sold me her spare 4 Gig iPod for a paltry sum. Even though I already had a "no-name" 512 MB MP3 player, I took her up on her generous offer.

That very same day, my husband’s car was broken into while parked on our driveway and his MP3 player was stolen…the one we bought him last Christmas.

Yes, It sucks.

Yes, it could’ve been worse.

Yes, it was depressing when the police actually laughed about reporting it.

Yes, it’s sad that we are expected to accept criminal acts as a way of life nowadays.

But at least I can give him my spare player… see how it all evens out?

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