My Husband, The Handyman (Not)

Now I realize I didn't marry Norm Abram, but really, don't most guys come with a gene for even attempting home repairs?

For example, this is hubby's idea of "fixing" the broken sink.

He placed this warning here about a week ago. The drain literally broke off where it screws into the sink. This note was also accompanied by a request for me to go on the 'net' to see what replacement part we need.

"Um, what???" I thought he was kidding.

"Yeah, look it up on the Internet to what size part we need" he says in all seriousness.

"And how the heck would I do that? Maybe by MEASURING it? The you would ALREADY know the size you need. Or maybe, just maybe, you can take the broken piece over to Home Depot a few blocks away and match it up to a new part?"

I shake my head in dismay. You see, hubby seems to think the Internet is a magic place where all answers can be found. One day maybe, he'll actually learn to use a computer and the Internet.

Until then, he's stuck to the TV (which, surprisingly, when it breaks down gets replaced the SAME DAY).

And every time he accidently channel surfs to the New Yankee Workshop, his response is the same "Oh, sure, *I* could make that too, if I had all those expensive tools."

No, honey.

No you couldn't.

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Maureen said...

EquineSpirit said...
LOL! I can totally relate!!

18/6/07 14:21

Maureen said...

BonnieRose said...
laffs and laffs... that post was too darn funny! lol men.. can't live with em, can't live without em.. lol

19/6/07 15:34

Maureen said...

j said...
Yep...I can relate, and mine is even computer-savvy! :-)

19/6/07 16:36

Maureen said...

Jill said...
:D No, that gene didn't come with my ex husband either. I had to show him how to flip a fuse...

20/6/07 14:21

Maureen said...

JMC said...
Hmmmm.... I think you're married to MY husband.

21/6/07 11:53

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