Our City, Hard At Work

Since I was on a vacation day today I drove my daughter in to school to write an exam in the mid-morning. On the way home, I spot two City Workers, decked out in their finest bright orange vests and thick clipboards snooping around our neighborhood yards.

"Oooh, this doesn't look good" I think.

No. Not good at all.

I drive up to the front door and pull an Official-Looking-Notice out of our mailbox.

The "Sump Pump Discharge Inspection Report" (I kid you not) is a 10 point report card by the City's Water and Waste Department.

These City Workers have the important task of checking each and every house to basically make sure they have a drainage hose running out and properly pointed to the street.

Very Important indeed.

Why, I hate to think of the community without such policing of our drainage hoses.

I am proud to say, we passed the Inspection with flying colors. The City can now be assured that OUR home will not be the cause of improper drainage, hose-mispositioning or any other Water and Waste improprieties.

Perhaps with all the bad weather we've been having lately, the City is worried we will all end up with indoor pools in our basements that will be missed on our property taxes this year.

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Maureen said...

Lynn said...
That is too funny! I would start worrying also if I saw the bright orange vests on the street. We don't have anything like that here. My dh would be a nut job (not that he isn't already) if he had to worry about a freakin drainage hose.

19/6/07 08:47

Maureen said...

Jill said...
Sump Pump Discharge Inspection Report

Oh that's just too good! Ok, so there is ONE disadvantage to living in apartments: no Sump Pump report! :-0

20/6/07 14:19

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