What I Won't Do In The Name Of Blogging

I suppose you are wondering how I happened to get a photo of a banana at work yesterday (see post below). Well when I was in our lunchroom cleaning out my coffee cup, I saw it sitting there on the counter and laughed to myself when I saw "VD" on it.

Then I thought it might make a funny post (as we Bloggers tend to do).

So I go back to my office and grab my trusty digital camera.

I return to the lunchroom, but am a bit unsure of what to do since I am no longer alone; a nurse is now sitting at one of the tables.

I march up to the counter and take the photo anyway.

As I turn to leave, the nurse asks "Did you just take a picture of that banana?"

I simply looked her straight in the eye and responded "Yes!" and left the room.

Add another member to the ever-increasing list of those who are convinced I am daft.

4 People would rather be commenting:

Maureen said...

BonnieRose said...
laffs, that is so funny, my hubby just rolls his eyes at the stuff i take pics of for blogging.. lol
oh well.. it's a disease.. lol

26/6/07 07:47

Maureen said...

Debbi (no ‘e’ on the end) said...
ROFL!! I'm so happy to hear you say that......many people think I'm insane because of the photo's I have to take all the time. But you know what they say about people who can't take a joke.....

26/6/07 20:49

Maureen said...

Jill said...
Oh yeah - I also make an emergency grab for my notebook, sometimes even at stoplights. Otherwise there's no way I'll remember whatever it was all the way until I get to a computer. :-0

27/6/07 09:24

Maureen said...

Vegas Princess said...
I have to laugh because I do this all the time. But with me it is post-it notes. I will think of an idea for a blog and I have to write it down. My husband recognizes the look in my eye as "blog face."

3/7/07 18:03

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