Did you watch?

Will you change?

I will.

The concerts accomplished their goal. At least with me. I NEED to do more.

Yeah, I recycle. I compost. I shut off the lights when leaving the room. I open shades instead of turning on the lamps. I open the windows or go into the cool basement instead of having central air. I turn off lights at work; I turn off my computer and printer every night before going home.

But I have to do more.

Before today, I thought whatever I could do wouldn't make any difference at all. I'm just one person. But after watching the world in 24 hours, I have realized that when we all think that way, nothing WILL happen.

So even if you didn't see the concert, go here to learn what you CAN do.


I CAN make a difference. And so can YOU.

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Maureen said...

jp said...
Didn't see the concert but I have read An Inconvenient Truth and it had the same kind of effect. I thought I was doing my share to save the planet, but in reality, I could do so much more. Great post, Maureen!

8/7/07 08:41

Maureen said...

BonnieRose said...
great post. food for thought.

8/7/07 08:42

Maureen said...

Vegas Princess said...
I got some of those flourescent bulbs today. Doing my part.

15/7/07 23:24

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