My Husband, So Dependable

As hubby is a big Spiderman fan I felt bad we hadn't yet seen Spidey 3 on the big screen, so today I finally treated him to the movie. However we waited so long it was out of the regular theatre and only showing at the "cheap seats" theatre. With tickets at just $ 2 each, it seemed like a great deal....

... until we got to the concession stand where they wanted over $ 8 for a medium popcorn and drink. I guess we know where they make their money now. Well what's a movie without popcorn? So we plopped down nearly $ 20 and made our way into theatre # 6.

The show was good, although I think I still prefer #1 over 2 and 3. And as he does at EVERY movie, I could depend upon hubby to do two things:

1) Leave his seat for either a smoke, food or the bathroom at the EXACT moment that the most important plot point is explained.

2) Fall asleep.

Yup, by the time the credits rolled nearly 2 1/2 hours later, there he was, head down snoring away.

His record still stands.

* Sigh *

Well, at least we got to stay cool in an air-conditioned theatre on a hot muggy day.

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Maureen said...

Debbi said...
Funny. I passed up a movie the other night because I KNEW I would fall asleep.

9/7/07 09:10

Maureen said...

Veronica K. said...
I can't believe that is out of the movies already. I really wanted to see it. :(

9/7/07 09:56

Maureen said...

Noelia said...
That's too funny! Well at least you tried to do something nice for him...the good intention was there :)
That's why I tell hubby to go to the movies to watch "manly movies" lol with his buddies because I'm not a spiderman fan or a transformers fan...

9/7/07 12:34

Maureen said...

Jill said...
I like to leave for the bathroom mid-movie too...though I don't normally sleep. As for the snacks, I'm not a big popcorn person, although I HAVE snuck both a bowl of ice cream AND a six pack of beer into the theater before (on seperate occasions though - I can't fit ice cream AND beer into my purse).

Anyway, glad you guys had a nice time even with the snoring. He must be asleep in seconds flat during a movie that's more to *your* liking!

9/7/07 15:37

Maureen said...

BonnieRose said...
that is funny!

9/7/07 17:37

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