Guard Dog

Now ten years old, I can see how our dog's personality has changed. She's becoming a crotchety old lady... take, for example, her most recent idiosyncrasy:

Whenever I take a shower, she sits and guards the bathroom door like it's Fort Knox.

Hubby and Daughter tell me that she actually growls at them if they pass the door when I am in there. I don't know why, but apparently she believes I am doing something that requires the utmost protection.

*I* think it's funny.

My family? Not so much....

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Janet said...

That is just too cute. She's taking good care of you!

Told my DD and DH about your bear rescue in Canada. DD thinks that perhaps we're starting some sort of international association for stuffed animal rescue. I think it has potential! :-) Janet

Maureen said...

I think that's a GREAT idea... the IASAR:


P.L. Frederick said...

What a cute doggie! I can tell how much she's listening. She's very intent in the picture.

Ten's not so old for a small sized dog. Maybe she's having a sort of mid-life crisis. Does she have any of the other signs? Like buying a bright shiny red sports car, wearing an ill fitting toupee, or chasing teenage girls (or boys)?

Evidently, to her you're the Head Honcho and everybody else in your house is grouped into the Cat category. Cat's ain't allowed in Fort Knox.

P.L. Frederick
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