Teddy Rescue

As usual, Saturday morning was spent with daughter at Starbucks and a jaunt around the mall. Now that she is driving, I can sit back and relax on the drive.

It also gives me opportunity to spot interesting things to blog about.

And so it happened that on our way home, I see a white fluff on the side of Bishop Grandin highway. As we pass it at 80 Km/hr, I realise it is a child's teddy bear, face down on the pavement like some toy-version CSI victim.

I ask daughter to pull into the nearest parking lot and we walk back to the scene of the crime, daughter darting her eyes left and right, praying no one she knows sees what we are about to do.

I jump over the ditch and soon come across the little stuffed roadkill and grab it before the oncoming traffic runs it over yet again. Poor guy is muddied and squashed.

We sit him in our little Teddy Ambulance and whisk him home for a good bath in the clothes washer. A new bow and a squirt of Juniper Breeze Body Splash (my daughter's idea) makes this little bear look brand new.

And now "Grandin" has a spot of honor beside me and my computer.

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Maureen said...

jp said...
MAUREEN!!!! How exciting! This is just the coolest thing. Do you remember reading about the elephant I rescued from the highway in February? I blogged fairly recently about her sex change and bow. So glad that you are in the business of rescuing stuffed animals! Ellie says to tell Grandin hello! :-) Janet

15/7/07 10:42

Maureen said...

Jill said...
Very cute!

15/7/07 12:33

Maureen said...


Of course! You and your elephant were in my thoughts when I spotted the poor thing... I actually was telling my daughter your story as we walked to pick Grandin up!

Tell Ellie Grandin says "Hi!" too!


15/7/07 13:48

Maureen said...

jp said...
Too funny. My DH thinks I've gone over the edge! Who knows...rescuing wayward stuffed animals could become a worldwide movement! jp

15/7/07 15:01

Maureen said...

Vegas Princess said...
That is adorable! I always want to do this (there seems to be lots of stuffed animals on the road here in Vegas...people don't secure anything in there cars it appears) but my husband is fraked out about germs and won't let me.

15/7/07 23:15

Maureen said...

melissa said...
aw so cute! love your rescue

16/7/07 23:43

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