Abbott And Costello

Ever hear the classic Abbott and Costello comedy routine, "Who's On First?"

Well, here's a similar skit just waiting to be performed. I can see it now:

Crisply-Uniformed Technician behind Automotive Service Desk:
"Yes, sir we can repair your VW Beetle today. Licence plate number, please?"

Customer: "What."

C.U. Service Tech repeats request, a bit louder this time: "LICENCE PLATE NUMBER?"

Customer, cranking up the volume as well: "WHAT."

C.U. Service Tech, believing Customer to be hard of hearing, leans across the counter and tries again: "YOUR LICENCE PLATE NUMBER, PLEASE SIR!!!"

Customer, believing the C.U. Service Tech to be a Crisply-Uniformed Idiot:
" W - H - A - T ! "

C.U. Service Tech, glancing out service bay window:


4 People would rather be commenting:

Maureen said...

Ingrid said...
LOL, too funny! I took a picture of a license plate while we were driving that said "TEA BAG". Nice to know I'm not the only weirdo.

13/7/07 21:54

Maureen said...

Jill said...

15/7/07 12:34

Maureen said...

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...
That is a good one! Glad you shared it!

15/7/07 17:07

Maureen said...

Vegas Princess said...
In the land of vanity plates (there seems to be a lot here in Vegas) this one takes the cake! I love it!

15/7/07 23:17

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