Endeavour Away!

Endeavour launchWhen I was nine, I distinctly remember sitting cross-legged on my parents living room floor, barely inches from our console black and white television set watching grainy images of Neil Armstrong as he proclaimed, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

I was mesmerized.

My dad even helped me make a diorama of Apollo 11 using a shoebox, plasticine, toothpicks and aluminium foil. I made two little astronauts, the Lunar Module and the moon surface... it was the closest I would ever get to being there myself.

Just like the majority of kids in the 60's, I dreamed of being an astronaut. It didn't matter that I was cursed with severe motion sickness. I couldn't take long car rides, cross high bridges or even sit near the window of a tall building without getting nauseous.

But I wanted to go into space.

Yeah, I would have made a GREAT astronaut alright...

In the 40 years since, I have continued to watch each launch with envy.

So here I sit, still grounded and watching STS118 climb to the stratosphere, wishing I were up there with them.

Lucky for them, I'm not.

God speed, Endeavour.

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Bonita Rose said...

those shuttle launches always amaze me.... to be in space wud be such an eerie feeling...

Suzy said...

Still wows me that they can even do it! Pretty amazing feat to launch into space and come back. BTW- I enjoy your blog!

Heather said...

I always hold my breath and say a prayer when it goes up. I'm always so nervous!

Anonymous said...

I am in total awe of the men and women who have the courage to go into space. I think it would be the most amazing experience ever. I got huge thrill touching a moon rock at the Air and Space Musuem in Washinton DC. However, I could never do it. I am always so afraid for them and their families. Bless them for their courage and all they are doing for us!!
I wish it was as big a thrill for todays kids as it was for us back in the 60's! Now kids don't even seem to notice. That seems sad to me.

Sofia said...

I've always wondered what it would feel like to be weightless. I'd never be brave enough to go into space, even if I had the chance, but I would like to experience the weightlessness. Then again, I'd probably throw up. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

As a kid I was a real space addict. My whole room would be full of posters, dioramas, models, etc. I even made a scale model of the solar system that I suspended from the ceiling at the correct relative distances - although the size of the celestial bodies was less correct: I used everything I could find from clay balls to cut in half soccer balls.

Those were the days

Of course, everyone in school teased me with my unusual hobby.

Maureen said...

Suzy: welcome and thank you!

Eileen: ain't it the truth. Things sure have changed since the 60's.

be.bart: you sound like me... I think it was the start of my obession with all things "space"; including my Star Wars addition.

Maureen said...

er... that's ADDICTION. Geez, "addition"....

Jill said...

I love long car rides, gazing out the windows of tall buildings & ***especially*** crossing high bridges...never the least little desire to be in space though...well, I mean any more than I'm normally off in space that is. :-)

Janet said...

I think the view from space would be incredible, but I am sure I wouldn't survive the take-off! LOL Janet

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