I'm So Proud

Yeah, sometimes being a parent sucks. But then, life surprises you with memorable occasions when you burst with pride at what your offspring accomplishes.

Like their first steps.

Their first word.

Their first day of school.

Their first award.

And their first job.

First job?

Yeah, baby.

A few days ago, daughter at just 16, decided of her own accord to attend a Starbucks Job Fair. It was her very first time applying for part-time employment. The next business day, she got the call. She is now a Barista at the very Starbucks we have been sharing Saturday morning Mom and Daughter time at for over a year. So it was no surprise to hear that they recognized her.

Starbucks New Hire Kit
*Sniff* (Wiping tears from my eyes) I'm so proud.

Especially when I heard she gets a 30% discount at any Starbucks, plus a free pound of coffee a week....

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Cupcake Blonde said...

Oh you are so sharing that perk with your loyal blog friends, right? :)

Congrats to your daughter and what a cool job too!

Colleen said...

Oh Yeah!! Congrats on het first job and let me know if you're/she's sharing all that coffee!! ;o)

toners said...

Yeah! Congrats! What a great place to work for her first job :) I love hanging out at Starbucks, reading the newspaper and drinking my Earl Grey....ahhhh....

Lynn said...

Congratulations! That is a very big step. My ds has been applying for jobs for the last 2 weeks. Nothing yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Enjoy your coffee!

Nell said...

That's awesome! I was a barista when I was 18, it was a really fun job. I hope she likes it!

Janet said...

Woo hoo! Doesn't get much better than that! Hey, do you think she could save some of those green straws for Lily?? :-) Janet

Irene said...

Congratulate your daughter from me and I hope she gets to drink lots of good lattes. Will you visit her on the job and smile with motherly pride or not embarrass her so?

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Oh that's great!! She'll love it. If ever I was going to work in a non-professional 9-5 environment, it'd probably be Starbucks - they treat their employees very well.

Maureen said...

VP: You're welcome to come up north ANYTIME for a coffee... ;)

Colleen: Yeah, I'll have to share it or stock up for cheapo Christmas gifts; we'll never drink that much (even tho I love it so)!!!

Toners: I'll pass on your congrats to her... yeah, it's my favorite place to chill too...

Hey Lynn: Thanks. Good luck to your DS too... like daughter's boyfriend said, "Geez, I've been putting in 20 resumes, and she gets a job on her FIRST try!"

Oooh, Nell, thanks... I'll pass that on to her; I know she'd love to hear it!!!

JP: I was already thinking of stocking up for you and mailing Lily a present... ;)

Thanks Sweet Irene! Yeah, I already told her I won't be there during her shifts; learning a new job is stressful enough! I know I would HATE my mother watching over me.... perhaps later when she is comfortable I'll have her make me my favs.

CGG: Thank you! I will make sure she reads this...

You're all so sweet. I know my daughter will be even more excited once she reads all your comments. Thank you.

Teresa Loop said...

Yahoo!!! Starbucks is a great company to work for, many well wishes for your daughter!!

Linda said...

Congrats to your dd. Enjoy the coffee!

Jill said...

Sounds like a YUMMY first job!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ann(ie) said...

RIGHT ON! She'll be an addict like me in no time!!! =) Can you tell her to please insist they stop raising their damn prices??? =)

Bitter bloggy pal

Bonita Rose said...

those are great benefits..
good for her. u must be so proud.. wow... tell her i said congrats!!!

P.L. Frederick said...

What's in the box? The box?! What's in the "New Hire Kit"?!

My curiosity is overrunning my congratulations. (Congrats though!)

P.L. Frederick
SMALL & big

NH Yocal said...

That is so awesome! My oldest is only 4 but I don't think it is too young to prepping him for his first job at Quiznos, yes, aside from coffee, I am a toasted sandwich junkie.

Marlee said...

*Sniff* (Wiping tears from my eyes) I'm so proud.

Especially when I heard she gets a 30% discount at any Starbucks, plus a free pound of coffee a week....


Yes, Congrats to the daughter! and u! :)

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