Just Call Me Dr. Dolittle

Okay, let's take a census here.

One dog. Check.

Three cats. Check.

One gecko. Check.

Three goldfish. Check.

One Siamese Fighting fish. Check.

Eight tropical fish. Check.

One Double-Crested Cormorant. Check.


Yup. Cormorant.

While doing the dishes, I spotted a large dark shape outside off our driveway. It sure wasn't the hummingbird that caught my attention a few days ago. This was a large bird. About two feet tall. Daughter ran for the camera and was able to take it's photo... but by then it was clear why it didn't fly or run away when she did; the poor thing has a broken leg.

Great Cormorant

So I ran through the house, out the back door, opened the gate and returned to the front with daughter. We were able to guide it, hopping on one leg, to the safety of our large, wild backyard. Allowing me come within a few feet of it, I was able to leave some bread and water within reach and the poor creature was left alone to rest. It's laying out there right now, secure in a pile of brush, every once and awhile raising it's head skyward when it hears the geese honking as they fly by.

If it's still there in the morning, I'll have to somehow get it into our kennel (which last year was used to transport a huge snapping turtle from our yard back to the local river) and take another trip to the Wildlife Sanctuary (where we took eight orphaned baby bunnies a few years back). Of course today being Labour Day, it's closed.

How does Mother Nature guide these creatures to me? Does she know that I have a soft spot for anything furred, scaley, or feathered? She must...

Sometimes I feel like Dr. Dolittle ... I can talk to the animals.

"If I could walk with the animals
Talk with the animals
Grunt, squeak, squawk with the animals
And they could squeak and squawk and speak and talk to me." - Rex Harrison, 1967

Cormorant closeup

8 People would rather be commenting:

Rachael said...

Aww!! What a good person you are!! I hope she can be helped!!

Jill said...

Oh! I hope it turns out okay! There's a raptor center near my mom & dad's where they keep all kinds of hurt owls and everything.

Cupcake Blonde said...

You certainly are a kind hearted person. I can't stand to see animals hurt or in need but birds scare the living daylights out of me (probably because I got attacked by geese twice, dive bombed by other birds all the time and a macau almost took off my ear) so I couldn't do what you did. I do hope the bird gets better because no animal should have to suffer. I can't wait to hear how this all turns out.

Irene said...

This bird certainly ended up in the right place. Good for you and good for it! I hope all turns out well.

Lynn said...

It is funny how some things turn out. I use to feel the same the way. We had a little of everything in my yard. We even raised baby pigeons that were dropped out of a nest in our yard a few years ago. I think God has a hand in guiding certain animals to right homes for help.
I hope everything turns out ok. Hope you have a great day today.

Sandra Collins said...

sounds like this bird was guided to exactly where it needed to be to be taken care of

Janet said...

Poor guy! That makes me so sad! But this is exactly why these animals end up at your house...you'll take care of them or make sure they get the care they need. Let us know how this turns out! Janet

Amie Adams said...

Where's your push-me pull-me?

The bird is beautiful. I hope it's on the mend.

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